Zipz Wine Shark Tank Episode // Designed by SnS Design, Inc.

Low Cost Jetset – Die Kunst wie ein Filmstar zu reisen ohne dabei viel Geld auszugeben – Erfahre hiermehr!



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  1. This is one of my dad’s friends

  2. Kusum Mandal sagt:

    I want to know what does this means

    „Kevin O’Leary offers ZipZ Wine $2.5 million for 10% of the company for the innovative single-serve wine“

  3. simona ciubancan sagt:

    … and all of this is out of the masculine pride of Mr Wonderful, because of the past stories with Copa del vino :))))))

  4. Jes 1200rich sagt:

    Mr. Swordfish He made so much money of luck and brains…He was in the right place at the right time and took advantage.

  5. iris aucherii sagt:

    Guy is so lucky he came BEFORE Kevin gets into Costco. Kevin needs this guy as leverage, well not the ONLY one, but a good one, another small feather on his cap. I mean he needed it enough to forget about his licensing habits, like we Robert said the word License more than Kevin does in this episode! Imho, if he came in after, I don’t think this guy’d be so lucky. Kevin will bludgeon the guy to death with licensing deals.

  6. Bre Positive sagt:

    This is Copa Di Vino!

  7. derangius sagt:

    Lots of nuance in that comment

  8. Mr. Swordfish 3.4 mill

  9. Geniusv3 Its the *Pig Iron* that sweats….when it cools down after given extreme heat to extract purer( ? eh, I don’t know if that’s a correct word) Iron in Iron Smelting

  10. geniusmodernus sagt:

    Ewan McGregor undercover

  11. Make this into 6 and 12 packs I“M IN !!

  12. +Mr. Swordfish I think the majority of his fortune comes from his sale

  13. I don’t drink wine so I am out. I also think this guy is a fool for waiting so long to take the deal, and I am surprised he actually got an offer considering he has no clue what he is doing.

  14. biggirlanna sagt:


  15. Boyan Lilov sagt:

    Excuse me, people, would somebody, please, explain me what exactly the final deal was, cause i didn’t get the twist at the end? Thanks 🙂

  16. Kyle Beatty sagt:

    Imagine being able to write a $2.5 million dollar check and not even sweat? I can’t.

  17. Gaming buff sagt:

    kevin , for the first time gave a deal with no royalty , for that reason i’m out

  18. the big Cartel sagt:

    copa di vino had no patent on a single glass serving

  19. Jack Riordan sagt:

    Did you watch the video?

  20. Yeah, I’ve always wanted to drink my wine on the go

  21. Mr. Swordfish sagt:

    Cuban is worth 4 billion dollars, owns a basketball team, and is worth like 5 times more than every other sharks money combined, ya good luck figuring him out, maybe there’s a reason hes made so much money, no one else could figure him out.

  22. A pig does not sweat, just saying

  23. blackambingoat sagt:

    Nadir Siddique maybe he did. cause he actually went on to be successful. Youtube has a video on 5 shark tank rejects that was a success.

  24. turkeysandvich sagt:

    Kevin is an amazing negotiator.

  25. They should re-titled this “ Getting into Costco „.

  26. Regardless of that, it’s still a ripoff of Copa Di Vino.

  27. just know when they buy your business just know they are going to make more than the price you sold

  28. Jack Smack sagt:

    My exact thoughts, Ramon.

  29. Nadir Siddique sagt:

    He could have sold it to wine companies to use in airlines market

  30. because the copa di vino guy is a prick

  31. RoG rogbr sagt:

    But when he is in, he is REALLY in.

  32. Bill Carson sagt:

    Of all the Sharks, Mark Cuban is the one that i can’t figure out ?

  33. ramon carter sagt:

    how is this not just a ripoff of copa di vino?

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