You are a Simulation & Physics Can Prove It: George Smoot at TEDxSalford

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Astrophysicist, cosmologist and Nobel Prize winner George Smoot studies the cosmic microwave background radiation — the afterglow of the Big Bang. His pioneering research into deep space and time is uncovering the structure of the universe itself. He has also made a cameo appearance (as himself) in an episode of the 'Big Bang Theory.'

George Smoot looks into the farthest reaches of space to the oldest objects in the known universe: fluctuations in the remnants of creation. Using data collected from satellites such as COBE and WMAP, scanning the cosmic microwave background radiation (a relic of the heat unleashed after the Big Bang), he probes the shape of the universe. In 1992 he and his Berkeley team discovered that the universe, once thought to be smooth and uniform at the largest scale, is actually anisotropic — or varied and lumpy. Smoot continues to investigate of the structure of the universe at the University of California at Berkeley, mapping billions of galaxies and filaments of dark matter in hope of uncovering the secrets of the universe's origins.


Curators: Mishal Saeed & Uzair F. Butt
Technical Lead: Mark Earnshaw
Camerawork: Nathan Rae & Team –
Post production: Elliott Wragg –
Audio restoration: Jorge Polvorinos –


  • Somethings Gonna Happen


    if there are parrarel universes of what i think i can do and it becomes reality… i would have erased the humanity off of the face of earth

  • rob mcmahon


    This was stimulating to my simulation.

  • Benjoleo


    Let’s say we have the technology to simulate every single proton, neutron and electron on earth and a system that only uses a single atom to store the position of one of the particles (probably impossible, but proves my point). This means that in order to store the data of our entire planet, you would need another planet that is at least 10000 times the size of earth and entirely made of this storing technology.

  • H Xen


    One of the worst TED talks. Why flash for a few seconds a slide? Why show a slide that is not synced when he is talking about the point? Horrible editing. And a shame, for this is a fascinating topic.

  • NarlySoftware


    Gosh, I can’t believe this is a TED talk. Here he says X,Y, Z could be and he’s the one defining the choices.. This is worse than a political pole.. There might be something to simulation but this guy’s argument is weak, very weak..

  • Margaret Finklestein


    Why does the „game“ have to include suffering????????

  • Valery Lavrov


    He is so boring and not giving much to even make a case. Argument we bad in what certain things we do = that is we are simulation – obvious contradiction to his own argument that we simulation. He is one of the worst speakers on TED that is my observation.

  • kash krupa


    If the physical laws in the simulation were the same as the physical laws outside the simulation, wouldn’t that suggest that whoever built the simulation is either the originator of the physical laws or has control of them? And if the originator does control the physical laws, then why build a simulation?

  • Harry Cardillo


    The only way this makes sense is if the universe is a simulation and we humans are one result of that simulation. Dinosaurs were another. That means this is a simulation to determine outcomes and behaviors of life in a universe type environment over time. Then the questions becomes why? I will say this, the motivations of life (including those of we humans) is designed to keep us here via things like pleasure and the search for knowledge. And to keep us reproducing. That seems to indicate that the Simulator wants us here. And that leads me to believe that the purpose is to study us.

  • Lauren Liddy


    Something still created the simulation; something still comes and flips the switches and pushes the buttons. There’s still the energy that drives all of the matter that drives the simulation. That’s the closest philosophical personification of God or a Creator I can formulate into words. The simulation was designed, and the detail is astounding.

  • Michael Burton



  • Cesar Gil


    Sounds like manipulated arguments with unexplained jumps to conclusions. I don’t know what this guy dressed in a suit and tie is doing.

  • Bill Barnes


    I volunteer to sit for days in a head thingy.

  • Host In The Shell


    I believe life is a matrix of our collective design. A simulation we ourselves placed ourselves in from a future phase in our creation process. Sounds far out and reaching but its what’s called the 5th dimension.

  • ProdBy Robo


    Why does everyone assume in the comment section that the creator/creators of the simulation have control over what happens inside of the simulation?

  • nicolas charalambides


    Okay! Let’s say we ARE in a simulation created by superior humans or so… HOW in the world did THEY come out to be?

  • cammy


    This creeped me out a little bit

  • Bungalo Bill


    Argument has many flaws.
    One example: The laws of physics in this universe always apply. No material beings can override the laws of physics (beings subject to this universe) You would have to go to a being or beings outside of this universe, and that would be a description of God. If you want to argue that we are Gods simulation, that is an argument already several thousand years old.

  • Curious Gal


    This guy probably knows his stuff but his delivery is all over the place. I love quantum physics and can usually follow it quite easily, but this guy loses me because he’s not engaging at all and his content is too fragmented… just doesn’t flow! Feels like he’s rambling on!

  • Hy Nguyễn


    No answer lies beyond this reality. But we can believe what we think it is.

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