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Yoga For Psoas is a 20 minute yoga practice that targets the Psoas muscle inviting a combination of release, strengthening and stabilizing. Anchor in the sound of the breath and enjoy. Repeat this practice regularly to avoid back pain, tightness in hips and over all tension in the body. Preventative care is the best care!

Let me know how it goes down below!

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  1. Beautiful .. Magic .. Thankyou Adriene . namaste

  2. Hey Adrian, it’s really a pleasure working out with you. I’ve been doing this exercise since 6 weeks after running. My posture became better and also my legs feel not so tired anymore. And your kind of hot.
    Greets from Germany! =)

  3. Wow! This felt so good!

  4. Was reading about psoas 2day and the imbalances it causes so decided to do this. Definately felt i cld warrior btr after this pattern of poses. Can notice a tendency to one side as well, so gonna work on psoas and reap the benefits hopefully. One question though, havent before but feeling a lil light headed and slightly nauseous after practice. Normal with this routine? Havent had it before? Namaste.

  5. I LOVE Yoga With Adriene. I swear, she gets me and always knows how to make me feel better physically and emotionally 😀

  6. Thank you for this practice Adriene! I’m slowly returning to yoga after a shoulder injury that I wouldn’t allow to rest (actor problems). This class was perfect for easing back into it. I am so grateful for your teachings x

  7. What a beautiful little practice, Adriene! Woke up twice last night with aching hips, this was just what I needed! Thank you a million times over.
    A long time fan.

  8. I was tired last week. Today I decided that is time to re start again. Thank you Adriene! This was what I need.

  9. Wonderful words. I was feeling very similar today. Adrienne has a knack for helping me find my center

  10. Thank you, Jesse!

  11. Hey congrats on the Adidas deal Adriene. Just downloaded the „All Day“ app and notice you’re the face for their yoga portion. I started teaching yoga a couple months ago and have learned quite a bit from you. Thanks and namaste!

  12. Marsha Chevalier

  13. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your classes. You freely give to those of us who cannot afford expensive healthcare. This is the work of the Mother Goddess. Thank you.

  14. Marsha Chevalier Had a similar experience. Has a rough day and was going to do something to relax me but this one caught my eye. During the practice I discovered how much stronger I’ve become without realizing it! It wound up being what I needed.

  15. and me, …. am now fully aware of my psoas even : )

  16. every time i finish a practice with you, i feel like i’m in heaven…

  17. second this

  18. OH MY SOUL yes please!!! My knees are so tight!

  19. Yes that would be amazing!!

  20. Agreed!! Thank you, Adriene!

  21. Adrienne…. You are so awesome with all the wonderful videos…. Could you please make a yoga video for regulating periods. Also could you make a video on PCOS? Lot of women have these problems and could really benefit from these…. I don’t see that anybody having a particular video on those and if you could do it… it would be awesome…. Thank you Adrienne

  22. can u do a video for knee pain? this was great

  23. Fabulous practice! I came to the mat this morning feeling sad and disappointed about an event in my life–feeling sorry for myself–having regrets. I was going to do a yoga for depression or sadness, but this one caught my eye as the psoas is a problem area in my body. During the practice, I cried at the beginning, but as I went on, I really got a sense that everything is „as it should be.“ I’m now ready to make the most out of today with what I am given. Thank you, Adrienne.

  24. Oh wow this video is exactly what I have been needing lately. It’s so weird how your videos seem to match up with my workout goals!

  25. gaining awareness of the different muscles that together make up the hips has been the most rewarding part of yoga for me. they can be the source of pain, but also amazing relief, like after this fantastic practice! thank you, adriene 🙂

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