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Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Relief! Take a break from all of your tasks and tend to your body. Release neck and shoulder tension that collects from daily stress and other fitness routines. This under 20 min session offers a bounty of energetic hygiene!

You can do this sequence in a chair or on the edge of your couch. Practice regularly! Love yo' self. Preventative care is the best care.

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  1. Sometimes you talk sooooo much.

  2. I started doing the Yoga with Adriene series last spring and I love it. Thank you for being real! I have introduced you to my colleagues and we now do yoga with Adriene after work on Wednesdays. Namaste

  3. Thank you, Adriene!
    On the behalf of all who have a sedentary job, please make some more of these videos, we need such practices in our daily lives! <3

  4. Your videos are fantastic. Have been working at a desk a lot this month and this sequence does wonders for my back pain and posture. Thank you.

  5. This is the absolute most amazing back and neck release I’ve gotten through yoga! Thank you, Adriene <3

  6. Thank you so much for this sequence. I’ve injured my knee (it’s getting better really fast compared to the doctor’s predictions, but not as fast as I’d like) and walking with crutches really puts a strain on my neck, shoulders and chest muscles. This was amazing, both in relieving the tightness in those areas, but also because it’s yoga that I can actually do.

  7. Thank you I didn’t realize how much stress I was carrying my neck.

  8. San Antonio neighbor here! We love you and all you do! You’re my go to yoga guide when I need anything specific, you’ve always got it covered! Can’t thank you enough for being so quirky and reminding us that yoga doesn’t have to be a silent serious workout. We’re always giggling with you!!

  9. Love this (and all of your other) videos (and Benji)…thank you!!!!! <3

  10. Hi Adriene,
    I have a pain in a back muscle, it’s half walk down my back and just to the left of my spine. I actually feel the discomfort all the way down my back and it hurts most when I stretch the muscle by bringing my chin to chest. Do you have any advice on how to alleviate the pain? I’m a singer/actor with yoga experience and I use a massage ball every day to release the muscle but it still comes back.
    Thank you so much for your videos. This one has really helped my neck and jaw tension, I feel so much more relaxed after.
    Thank you in advance!
    Natalie x

  11. girl you is awesome started with your 30 day yoga camp series now iam on day 295 stay awesome . p,s, my mom loves that your not a yoga robot

  12. Hi from Berlin! Thank you so much for your great videos. It feels so good and you always find the right words for me to keep going! <3

  13. Thanks a lot love your classes!

  14. Thank you for this, I really needed it today

  15. Have to take a break from the 30 days yoga due to a upper back tension. So glad to find this video.

  16. This just felt amazing. I’ve had a headache all day that didn’t go away with meds, but this just really helped.
    Thank you so much Adriene! Greetings from Austria, Europe 🙂

  17. That dog is dead

  18. They’re real!

  19. thank you Adriene! and I can’t help but notice those trees outside your windows…they’re real right? how nice to have such a view!

  20. Yoga With Adriene thank you I will!

  21. Yep! Search Yoga With Adriene – Yoga For Cramps and PMS & YWA – Yoga For Migraines 🙂

  22. You might actually have one of these, but any suggestions for a beginner to relieve migraine pain and or to help menstrual pain would be amazing!

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