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Yoga For Diabetes is an AWESOME 30 min low to the ground yoga practice for anyone who wants to stimulate and cultivate a healthy mind & body. Consider all the systems of the body that work in tandem. Connect with your breath, start slow and build your practice in a way that serves. A happy, healing and powerful for all who wish to create change, relieve stress and encourage transformation in the body. All levels, all types welcome for this juicy at home yoga practice. Take your time and Find What Feels Good.

Let me know how it goes down below!

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  1. Hey! Coming up on my 18 year „diaversary“ with type 1 next month…celebrating with my 4th half marathon. Stay strong!

  2. Adriene: And this time exhale out through the mouth
    Me: * breathing out through the nose *
    Adriene: Come on, don’t be shy!

    love you, Adriene.

    Namaste <3

  3. I have been a Type 1 Diabetic since I was 7, so 13 years, and this was fantastic! Especially seeing as how I recently started my yoga journey and sometimes those highs just make it impossible to have the energy for yoga. This was great and you are such an inspiration. Much ❤️

  4. *_In fact, diabetes itself canbet reated by just diet properly [Go Here==https://plus.googl _****_  ]._*

  5. Adrienne, this was just what I needed today to help me reconnect with my body. Thank you so much for your amazing commitment to these weekly free videos and the generous love & positivity you share with us. I’m back & gonna try to do these more regularly now as we head into the darker months, which I always find challenging. Love you ❤️ xxx

  6. My cousin Hanna has type 1 diabetes. She was born with them btw. But in our family bad blood spreads around the family.

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  8. I think that a lot of people are getting easily offended over a title. I was diagnosed at 11 with Type one diabetes and I’ve been practicing yoga for over two years (many of that time with Adrien!) and it has helped control my glucose levels, not heal them as we know that there is no cure for t1! It doesn’t take a genius to realise that this video is not meant as a ‚cure‘, more just a way for diabetics (and others!) to relax and connect to themselves and their breath. I know that the whole reason I practice yoga is because I can disconnect with my body- not worry about how I feel and what my glucose levels are and to help regulate my blood sugar levels especially after eating. Not only that, but I have also found that yoga has helped my anxiety and depression from living with type one.
    Now, that’s not to say that everyone is going to have the same benefits from yoga, every type one is different! I know that I can’t do a lot of team sports because of my condition, so I stick to individual exercises like yoga, bike riding, walking and dancing. I think this video would be especially great for type ones who want to get started in yoga so that they can build up to and enjoy the ‚harder‘ versions of yoga as I do!
    No matter what, people I feel will always get offended over simple things but sometimes we all need to chill out and take a deep breath or vinyasa 😉

  9. Hey! I’m 22 with T1D for 15 years as well! Agreed with everything said!!!

  10. Hi Zoe, I completely agree!! I have just subscribed to your channel… loving all the TOOL xx

  11. Adriene mentioned one of the moves was good for improved circulation to the kidneys. Additionally, from my perspective, the twists and binds may be good for diabetics struggling with digestion issues such as gastroparesis.

  12. Hi Adriene!
    I´m from Mexico City, last week we faced a very difficult moment from a natural disaster, I was hoping you could suddenly make a video of a yoga rutine or a meditation, maybe both, that could help not just mexicans but people around the world that are suffering from huracaines, earthquakes etc. And in that way we could be in peace and in a more calm state of mind.
    PS; I love your videos.

  13. I’m sorry that people are being so mean, I really wish people were more compassionate to each other.

    ALSO I think it’s really easy to forget that famous people are Real people with REAL feelings

    Adriene you are an angel and we *LOVE* you.

  14. Thomas Murphy ♥️

  15. I totally understand that angle of it! Another reason why I love YWA is because there are so many videos for everyone out there. Anyone can do these videos with all the modifications and the fantastic explanations Adriene gives. Yoga is something I always tell people to try for all kinds of conditions – both mental and physical. I am a nurse, and I know from some of my patients that it can be a wonderful tool to aide healing. I just went to this video expecting something very different….yet I was very pleasantly surprised 🙂

  16. Thanks for this! Cant wait to share it and bring mindfulness to my brother, who desperately is trying to get into physical activity as a diabetic. The title drew him in and helped him get the courage up to try. Bravo! Any chance to sit, breathe, and get mindful is a chance at better health. <3

  17. Hellzina I get the relationships Adriene created in this practice, though I do understand if it’s not super obvious. Controlling the body and breath, creating space for good circulation, unsquishing the core and organs, working the pelvis (insulin is especially important for female reproductive health) and easing into a stress relieving, good for diabetics practice even if you hate exercising or think you can’t.

    So much of our lives revolves around diabetes. It takes up so much space in our heads. This practice was brilliant because you know it’s a good tool in your management regime, but it’s not screaming at you about diabetes, like all our other tools. It’s just whispering go with it, let it go and feel good because you’re worth it. That’s what I feel anyway.

  18. I was just cleared by my doctor to ease back into practice again after injuring my knee in a fall. While on a forced break from YwA practice, I was literally dreaming about doing yoga. That’s how much I missed it!!

    When I saw this new video, I knew I had to try it. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year (with a hbA1C of 10.9). I started 1000mg of Metformin ans a low carb diet. That got me down to a 7.2. So, I added in Yoga with Adriene a few times a week. I went down to 5.9. So, I set a goal of practicing 5 days a week, which turned into 6 or 7 cause I enjoyed it so much. But, I was eating more carbs (summer treats and eating out more than usual). I was a bit worried my number would go up. Surprise! My last hbA1C was a 5.5! The Holy Grail of hbA1Cs if you’re type 2. I credit Adriene for that because I was doing two thongs differently- not doing great on my diet and practicing Yoga with Adriene. Pretty sure the fries, ice cream and cakes weren’t the things lowering my number.

    My point is, if you are struggling to manage your diabetes, or just looking for a way to exercise without feeling like you’re too [insert negative self talk item here], not an exercise person, or think no one was meant to move their body that way, Adriene’s videos are for you. Try it!

    This is a great ease into yoga practice. She explains everything so well and gives you modifications for where you are right now. Being overweight, that’s sooo essential for me.

  19. Thank you for giving me the ability to exercise at home for free with new videos every week.  Thank you for another relaxing but challenging video.

  20. This video was posted with EVERYone in mind – as are all Adriene’s videos. I’m not a Dancer, Teacher, Truck-driver (some other titles of these videos) – or Diabetic – but was still able to join in, and enjoy its unique content. It was a gentle, grounding practice, that wasn’t going to send anyone’s blood-sugar levels catastrophically low or high. Doesn’t this demonstrate the all-inclusive nature of yoga practice? And yes, yoga can be practiced by people with cancer, or heart disease, or arthritis…and so much more. Adriene isn’t setting out to „cure“ anyone of a pre-existing medical condition – she’s purely making the practice of yoga, accessible to ALL. How amazing X

  21. Going to try this one with my boyfriend who is T1!

  22. This video was great to do after I went for a run! Like many others here though, I’m not sure why it’s titled as it is. As Adriene has videos such as ‚yoga for digestion‘ ‚yoga for the liver‘ etc, I thought maybe it was going to be aimed at parts of the body/organs affected by diabetes (ie: pancreas) or something along those lines..but it wasn’t at all. ‚Yoga for Sundays‘ or ‚Yoga for lazy days‘ seems much more apt for it! Great practice and I’m a huge fan of YWA but the title is totally off! Not even being really critical to be honest…just a bit confused!!!!!

  23. Love this! I’m 22 and i’ve had diabetes type 1 for 15 years now and yoga actually helps me to keep my blood sugar levels in a good balance, just because it helps me to reduce my stress levels. Stress=higher blood sugar levels, at least for me. I don’t understand how people can be so bitter. For those of you who commented negative stuff, Adriene didn’t say anything about „curing diabetes“. This flow is to help u keeping your blood sugar levels, and your body in balance, and you don’t have to be Einstein to understand that yoga can’t cure diabetes. Or any other autoimmune disease.

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