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Yoga For Depression is a 15 min yoga practice to help to help balance and restore both the physical and emotional body. Tend to your nervous system through mindful yoga to tend to the brain and body connect in a powerful way. With a focus on the breath this yoga practice invites you to be kind, be accepting, practice regularly and heal naturally.

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  1. Thank you for this practice ..

  2. I have anxiety attack 24/7. Not kidding. I can´t breathe and it´s purely psychosomatic. I feel strong pressure under my sternum. I feel pressure on my ribs and stomach, whole torso. It´s like something is crushing my ribs and with it crushing my lungs. Even slow walking is huge problem. And don´t get me start on staircases. Cause is my work. I am over stressed. ¨
    I can´t bend down. I immediately start suffocate. Any yoga for that? Every activity is causing suffocating.

  3. I feel better already. Thank you. <3

  4. Thank you Adriene!

  5. Thanks Adriene! I didn’t think anything would make me feel better but this is helping! I am hopeful and also u v cute 😀

  6. Abra I depression (major plus panic.disorder). I was also.moved by this mantra. I’m going to use it as my mantra when I run. It’s so perfect, isn’t it?

  7. Try to watch the video a few times and then youll just need to hear what she says? I hope you figure it out!

  8. Sending you love, Nikki <3

  9. Marsha Chevalier I cried too and I too felt „unnatural“ saying it. It amazes me that so many others feel exactly the same? I felt weird when I cried but instead I see I’m not. I’m still crying. I don’t know why that mantra has this effect.

  10. I’ve been in a major depressive episode these past few weeks–feeling down, suicidal thoughts–I’ve been experiencing it all. Then I saw this video, and decided to take 15 minutes to myself to try it out. It was just what I needed to help clear my mind. I still can’t fully do the spine roll or the hug, and I don’t believe myself yet when I say the mantra, but I believe I will get there. Thank you for making this video ♡

  11. Kathryn West why are you lonely

  12. have you found me on Facebook yet?

  13. i do…. true_beach_comber is my IG name.

  14. You have a good therapist.  Yoga can be a fantastic aide for a whole variety of issues.  I wish the best for you, my friend.

  15. My bad, I misread and got confused. Sorry, just ignore what I said lol

  16. Naeila Taqi Do you ask me?

  17. It absolutely is. Sending you hugs, Vikki <3

  18. Benji is a Blue Heeler mix!

  19. I love your dog! What kind of dog is it?

  20. Is it normal to cry the entire time because I did and still am. <3

  21. „All sorts of shite on my mat today“ haha 😀

  22. Dashworthy Yoga with Heather sagt:

    If you can laugh, cry and think all in the same day it was a good day. <3

  23. Dashworthy Yoga with Heather sagt:

    That’s divine timing. 🙂

  24. Dashworthy Yoga with Heather sagt:

    So powerful!

  25. thank you for this.

  26. To everyone struggling with this issue. You’re strong and you will get through it. One moment at a time. You’re awesome!

  27. I wanted to say that this morning I was looking at my phone feeling so alone and wishing that someone would call or text, got a notification email and thought it was just some sale advertisement, but it was yours. It may sound stupid but with you and your wonderful spirit I do not feel so lonely, and I feel very special after this practice. This really brought me out of a dark place tonight. I hope you know how much of a blessing these free yoga videos are and how you’ve really changed my life for the better through your channel. I love you Adriene!

  28. Ella Violetta your so beautiful

  29. BittyBunhead haha!Me too girls!

  30. Ella Violetta omg i thought i was the only weirdo who plays her videos when my brain refuses to listen to my to do list. Normally about 5 mins into the videos in the background she somehow manages to guilt trip me that i owe it to myself to be fully present, and miraculously, chores button gets turned on! 😛

  31. Amazing.. another practice that brought me to tears, happy tears, y’all… Thank you, Adriene <3

  32. Thank you for this. I stared crying when you said that we’re gonna say that the univserse is for us and so is everything else. I struggle with cronic depression which has been in my life for 12 years. Again, thank you for this video.

  33. you’re such a kind and wonderful woman. I respect you with all my heart, you’ve really helped my mum with her depression with your 30 days of yoga, and also with her bad back! you’re a joy to watch, and sometimes I even play your videos in the background when I’m doing my makeup. thank you for being you!

  34. my therapist suggested me to you today for exercise and help with calming down my depression and this was just posted thus is severely ironic

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