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Yoga For Concentration and Mental Focus is great for when you need a little positive reinforcement, a guide in the direction that feels balanced and good. Rejuvenate the physical body and tend to your mental health! This yoga practice is perfect for new beginnings! Use this 25 min yoga practice to get centered and to focus. Balance the energy of the body so that you are working for yourself and not against.

Let me know how it goes below ninja friends!


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16 Kommentare

  1. Dear Adriene, you are a blessing.. Thank you for grounding and strengthening me as i start my day. xoxo

  2. Thank you for all your videos! Always looking forward for the next one.

  3. I loughed so hard with the beans joke, even i had to stop the video to write this hhahah

  4. Great Adriene. Thank you!

  5. Really cool, really different, ive never tried the yogic pose? ( legs bent and wide, crouching) before. The routine really made sense. Thank you

  6. Still my fav. Love your vibe in this one, from start to finish.

  7. Yoga is from India

  8. Thank you. Studying to attempt my licensure exam for a fourth time. This was very helpful to establish focus. Namaste

  9. Great video:) thank you for posting this. Your yoga vids help me more peacefully and mindfully handle life situations and focus in my schooling.

  10. I went asleep as I was watching this video

  11. Just amazing. Loved every bit of it. Thank you Adriene!

  12. This was top notch of effectiveness

  13. Am I the only one having trouble with the lift move at 24:34? It may take a while before I can do that one. 🙂

  14. I think you’re psychic…during the second tree pose I was mentally beating myself up because I can’t bring my leg all the way up and you said „just accept where you are today“. I really do need to do that sometimes, thank you.

  15. This is madgic. I’m so thankful.

  16. Adriene, I’ve been doing your flows for years and I felt more connected to this flow and myself more than any other before. I was particularly in love with your commentary in this flow. Sending love to you, as always. <3

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