Yoga Camp Day 9 – I Am Bold

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Yoga Camp – Day 9. Tune in with the breath and cultivate strength with the mantra, I Am Bold. Use this practice to focus on process over product. Practice presence as you move through your yoga asana. Give thanks for this time for yourself. Way to show up! Listen to your body. You are your own best teacher. Be bold, own this time for yourself. Have fun!

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25 Kommentare

  1. Thank you humble buddy and guide 🙂

  2. Thanks Adriene!

  3. I’m so sorry, Rafael. Sending you love <3

  4. I had to take a couple weeks off because my Mom died. If you read this, CALL YOUR MOTHER TODAY!

  5. Second time round yoga camp , Just amazing , thank you ❤️✌️

  6. audio was horrible 🙁

  7. thanks so much : ) I enjoyed this practice immensely

  8. Purrrfection

  9. I love the way you teach, so free and easygoing! I never feel pressured to push myself too far in your lessons. I find myself becoming more and more mindful of my current limits. Thank you! x x

  10. I have my big GRE exam today to get into graduate school and I planned my whole morning around having time for this yoga and it was honestly exactly what I needed. Thank you for helping me feel bold and empowered today.

  11. favorite day so far! loved it. 🙂

  12. Love love love!

  13. thanks a lot Adrianne namaste

  14. namaste !!!

  15. Couldn’t hear anything when you were doing Texas T:(

  16. I look forward to yoga camp every day! I am so glad I can take you with me wherever I go!

  17. Felt great as usual. <3

  18. I am bold for taking up yoga camp instead of my winter depression. So much love to you Adriene, thank you!

  19. Yes ~ that would be great…

  20. +LACOSTE K. hhfutgu


  21. Agreed. I’d love it if Adrianne did daily videos more often. I do so much better moving to some kind of auditory direction, and this is definitely my Favorite yoga channel.

  22. +Theodora A. yep ! I hope I will continue the next months 🙂

  23. +Theodora A. you can make it so 😀

  24. If only yoga camp could be a year-round thing

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