Yoga Camp – Day 25 – I Am Strong

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Yoga Camp – Day 25! This 28 min practice is fierce and fun and strengthening! Though we continue to tone muscles this yoga sequence also asks you to be strong in your foundation and strong in your breath. You have everything you need. Let's hop on the mat!

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28 Kommentare

  1. I managed my first crow today. I am super grateful for this practice as I’ve had some struggles over the last few years which I feeling I am really beginning to process and overcome. Thank you x

  2. You always make me smile 🙂 thank you.

  3. OH YEAH!!!

  4. BOOM! Finally got both feet up on the crow. I held it for about 3 seconds and fell forward on my face. I never laughed so hard at myself before. So grateful I finally accomplished it!

  5. YEAH!!!

  6. I am so excited today. I have been following one of Adrienne’s videos most days since October . Today I did the full crow pose . Only for few seconds but I did it !

  7. Whenever I finish a class at the end when I open my eyes I always see myself on the ceiling and the ceiling looks like the floor. Weird but true. Love this feeling just wish it would remain all day.

  8. To the 5 people that were watching this video the same time as me, it was a pleasure doing yoga with you!:D

  9. I do really am strong! After the times I was trying the crow, today I was almost there without big struggling. Adriene you’re amazing thanks!

  10. I am strong! Today I did my first crow… I just leaned in and back out twice for a second or so each, but I did it!! Thank you, Adriene!

  11. pleasure is mine! thank you!

  12. i love this one! namaste

  13. When I started this 25 days ago I could barely pull up into down dog because I had let myself get weak through bad eating and not working out at all. Today, I was able to do all the work!!! I can’t get into crow yet, but that is my next goal. Thank you Adriene for sharing this on YouTube for us to all do.

  14. Didn’t felt so strong sooo I did the: „I am than I think“ and it went pretty well, it’s funny how it changes your mind so quickly

  15. i am strong Bby !!! loved the heat today ! namaste

  16. Super excited because today I finally was able to do crow pose! Only for a few seconds, but still! 🙂 I did the other 30 days of yoga before this one and could never quite get it, but practice really does make perfect!

  17. What a sweaty practice! Wasn’t expecting that at all. 😀 But you know what, I’m feeling strong for getting a bit more outside my comfort zone. Namaste!

  18. So crazy! It went up 19 views and I’m almost 10 months late to the party!

  19. Over 300 were doing it with me! That’s amazing!

  20. +sstangelo Thank you for sharing your idea, I love it!

  21. +rumpali156 Whee!

  22. +Yoga With Adriene 🙂 Namaste.

  23. +amelieschulz Thats the idea!!! GREATTTT!!! Yay! Namaste! This journey has been so wonderful! Way to show up my friend!!!

  24. does the mantras suit like magic in anybody elses life like mine? so great!

  25. Adriene this sequence was awesome! I feel so strong now and confident. Thank you so much.

  26. +sstangelo Love that idea! I just finished my practice, refreshed, and almost 100 of us were all practicing together! 🙂

  27. +sstangelo Oh wow, never thought to see the changes in number of views…. just did it and this video had 288 more views! Thats so crazy!

  28. I love refreshing the page after I’ve finished a practice to see the views jump.. kind of like knowing how many others did the practice along with me 🙂 So sad it’s almost over!!

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