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Writing’s On The Wall (from James Bond: Spectre) – Sam Smith – Piano Cover Video by YourPianoCover

„Who Else Wants To Discover the Astonishingly Simple Secrets to Mastering The Piano… in Less Than 30 Days – Guaranteed!“


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  1. YourPianoCover sagt:

    You should teach yourself how to read sheet music. It can be done rather quickly if you set your mind to it 😀

  2. Animu Laifu sagt:

    How do you know if you’re supposed to press the black keys? Welp ;~;

  3. jonasalexnickfe789 sagt:

    Can you make a cover for run run run by tokio hotel????? please???

  4. Alan Fung sagt:

    +Blue Penguin no i didn’t. it camouflaged with the dark body of the piano. thank you pointing it out

  5. Chiara Bombardiere sagt:


  6. Philip Blackwell sagt:

    Great Piano Cover. I’m hoping to put my relatively good piano chops to the test with this song, wanna have it learned by weeks end. then transpose the melody to clarinet!
    could you do, You Broke Love by Jussie Smollet, off of the show Empire soundtrack??

  7. Taro Kaneko sagt:

    why did the sheet that I bought have a middle section that ypu didnt plat

  8. Armita Karimi sagt:

    can you please make a cover for I know you(skylar Grey) thanks

  9. Singuirrel sagt:

    simply amazing,congrats

  10. Funky Slash sagt:

    AMAzing !!!

  11. YourPianoCover sagt:

    Please tell me where you think it could be better. I’m always looking to improve myself and my sheets 🙂

  12. Generator sagt:

    Sadly, you missed some very key half steps. Other than that, great video!

  13. please do adele’s Set Fire To The Rain.

  14. YourPianoCover sagt:

    Yes! Start with the lowest note and then quickly play the others in succesion.

  15. Duncan Ng sagt:

    Guys, the lines that looks like snake next to the chord means spread out the chord?

  16. Duncan Ng sagt:

    First time I see double treble clef on music sheet 😀

  17. YourPianoCover sagt:

    Be careful. It shoots paper bullets* (*may not work in rainy weather) 😛

  18. Ferrero Rocher sagt:

    this paper gun looks so real i was afraid

  19. Steve Tijpels sagt:

    I like your paper gun

  20. Angel Agaton sagt:

    Can you please do infinity by one direction?

  21. YourPianoCover sagt:

    +HamboPlayz This song I might make. I like a lot of Avicii’s new songs, so I might do a couple of them 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion.

  22. Alana Revels sagt:

    I don’t think the ending is too bright. It leaves a mysterious feeling….I love it!

  23. Petrawr Y sagt:

    maroon 5 just a feeling pls, pls pls

  24. Fareen Majeed sagt:

    Hey! Can you please do Lady Gaga’s Till it happens to you? I love that song so much… Thanks

  25. I’m still waiting for „for a better day“ by Avicii

  26. Simeou Theodosis sagt:


  27. Simeou Theodosis sagt:

    holm awesome cover as usually.oh and btw enjoy your new piano bro, it sounds amazing.

  28. thương lê sagt:

    I’m waiting for your same old love cover

  29. Blue Penguin sagt:

    Does anyone notice the paper gun?

  30. +YourPianoCover Also one thing i really dont get the random objects please explain! They are awesome anyway!

  31. YourPianoCover sagt:

    New piano cover! Writing’s On The Wall by Sam Smith is a beautiful song and really enjoyable to play. Especially on my new grand piano 😀 How do you like the new ending? Too bright?

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