Will you connect with others? American Express Careers

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Credit professionals worldwide describe how they care for customers, and each other. Will you make a connection?

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Will you connect with others? American Express Careers

8 Kommentare

  1. Deepak Mehta sagt:

    this place is full of politics and work culture of this place is atrocious

  2. Charles Martel sagt:

    What’s the pay and are the employees unionized?

  3. Joined Amex Gurgaon with delight. Had to quit immediately after facing Kranti Chuttri and Kriti Gupta. Too serious to work.

  4. CLEAR TRUTH sagt:

    ken chenault is the last ceo you would want to talk to ….. stock and market share are down IN A BULL MARKET COMPANY BOUGHT BACK 6 BILLION DOLLARS OF STOCK
    AND SOLD 50 MILLION OF HIS OWN AMEX SHARES layoffs will continue

  5. eventvisionsinc sagt:

    Right thank you Ken Chenault , for sending a American jobs overseas what you sow you will reap India Express

  6. 布萊德 sagt:

    Thumbs up for AMEX, TAIWAN Taipei Emplyee.

  7. Bijit Kalita sagt:


  8. David Kiser sagt:

    Wonderful place to work, USA Phoenix Employee

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