Why we procrastinate by Vik Nithy @ TEDxYouth@TheScotsCollege

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Vik Nithy is the founder of 3 companies at the age of 20 including how own marketing consulting firm. His left after school Vik has been extremely successful despite being diagnosed with ADHD after finishing his school exams. Developing his passion for cognitive neuroscience, educational reform and the potential of young people.

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39 Kommentare

  1. Cherish Sabotta sagt:

    I procrastinate all of the time. I need to stop lol

  2. Ann Cuber sagt:

    Ah I’ll watch this video tomorrow

  3. Isabel Bushnell sagt:

    I am studying while listening to this. I was procrastinating some days ago. I want to know more about this topic to avoid from happening again. I need to know my enemy: Procrastination!

  4. Sergey Alekseev sagt:

    Ill watch it later….

  5. edex north sagt:

    Watching this video is not a *procrastination* but the action you take after the watching event finish does.

  6. Sean Onamade sagt:

    I put this video into my Watch Later when I saw it; I’m not kidding

  7. try porn for a change

  8. Dr Jerome Balewa Azikiwi MD, PhD sagt:

    too lazy to watch 9:50 minutes, send me a summary

  9. azra banu sagt:

    Hey guys , is there an argumentative topic on procrastination?

  10. Avril drummer sagt:

    I have a test tomorrow and I’m watching this video

  11. Nadia Bhatti sagt:


  12. mohammad A sagt:

    it is like whenever i come close to pay more attention to what he is saying, he looks to his phone and pushes me away , over and over again.

  13. mohammad A sagt:

    He would have been a great speaker if he was not using his phone to remember …

  14. Nima Begum sagt:

    Zarraf Khan heck naw.

  15. Satish Natarajan sagt:

    My Limbic system told me to watch this video before studying

  16. Zarraf Khan sagt:


  17. Warrior King sagt:

    thinking positive can help

  18. added to watch later

  19. Aditi Yadav sagt:

    Akash Srivastav Same XD
    that’s why I never eat while studying

  20. videoschmo sagt:

    Short version: Our brains are bastards and don’t want us to do work

  21. Sanket Sanket sagt:

    thnx a lot

  22. Yellow Tree sagt:

    I wish I had read this earlier

  23. ThingamaBlob :D sagt:

    To learn for next year xD

  24. ca9428 ikr!!

  25. Ahmed Mohammed sagt:


  26. You are not alone 🙂

  27. orbit chewinggum sagt:

    BUT THIs is the best procrastination explanation and video I’ve ever come across so he’s defo a procrastinator but definitely extremely smart only 20 there as well

  28. orbit chewinggum sagt:


  29. Chhanda Burmaan sagt:

    hehe… ohh the irony!!!

  30. Lydia Snowfire sagt:

    shagreezz3 Forget the dam headphones, I wasn’t using it and I thing I just got deaf!

  31. Dhruv Khurana sagt:

    This video is the 382nd video in my watch later playlist

  32. George Jansen sagt:

    The irony here is that he didn’t seem that prepared to give this presentation, probably procrastinated too much.

  33. shagreezz3 sagt:

    Headphone users beware of the clapping at the end

  34. Oleg Shanidze sagt:

    hehe, the same for me

  35. TheMs Croft sagt:

    My exams start tomorrow, WHY AM I HERE

  36. Akash Srivastav sagt:

    +SkypeYouSoon I have a small snack and water beside me while studying. But i end up eating it continuously until it is finished, with no attention to studying, then get up to go get more!

  37. Nimity Tei sagt:

    +SkypeYouSoon this works man

  38. I Love Creativity sagt:

    I am procrastinating by watching videos how to stop procrastination

  39. SkypeYouSoon sagt:

    1. Turn on music to quietly play in the background.
    2. Get rid of all close distractions.
    3. Have a small snack and water or drink near you so you don’t get up for any reason.
    4. Start on something for just five minutes.  Five minutes is the time it takes for you to actually get hooked onto finishing a task.  Just think about only spending five minutes on the task and try your best to finish.

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