Why Sitting Down Destroys You | Roger Frampton | TEDxLeamingtonSpa

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Fitness expert and male model, Roger Frampton, discusses how chairs are your enemy, how attitudes towards exercise are flawed and suggests an alternative way to look at how our bodies can become strong and agile.

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  • Brother LT118


    It is yoga technology, adapted by gymnastics and ballet

  • Marshall Customs


    That doesn’t even bring into context, landing on the balls of your feet instead of your heels, like we’re supposed to.

  • JaneJax N LunaLux


    Damn that guy looks a hella lot like Charlie Puth

  • ChrisOC


    Lol school is killing us

  • OoMASEoO


    *lies down*



    We force children to sit all day only having 2 times to get up and run around. Then people wonder why we have a problem with obesity.

  • Wade Patton


    Simply adopting the standing position as outlined here REALLY helps my feet. I already squat readily (was surveyor for 2 years) but my feet tend to give pain issues. Pointing my toes out and engaging the glutes instantly changed the weight distribution on my feet. That’s a big help and I get the rest. Thanks

  • Tony Anytime


    I am walking right now watching this

  • Codi Serville


    A discovery I’ve made is that shoes play an integral part in our posture and if they’re not good they can ruin everything as well

  • Paul Jones


    this is just ridiculous and is indirect disinformation about mindfulness.

  • leighmossien2009


    He doe’s have a point about children lifting things…and that we need to re-learn things.

    Before i was born ,i could breathe while my lungs was filled with fluid in my mothers belly.


  • Gino Asci


    Sitting is bad because it causes subluxation. Subluxation causes nerve interference. Nerve interference causes malfuction. Malfuction causes illness. Illness causes death.
    -by Gino Asci.

  • metz 01


    He should have made the audience stand up during this talk.

  • Jason Parker


    This is so true, my job involves staring at a computer screen whilst sitting down for 8 hours per day, since starting this job I have had loads of back pain even to the extent that now when I stand still for longer than a few minutes my back hurts and only get relief by either walking or sitting.

    And it has made me lazy, yes I know it’s up to me to do something about it, its just easier to sit 🙁

  • catalyst Hypnosis


    I’m terrified of doing that to my toddler how do you avoid that ??

  • cinnamon girl


    So happy to find someone talking about ROM! People who use there full ROM regularly retain that ROM better as they get older. Qi Gong and stretching and anything else that uses ROM is so beneficial as a person ages and sits in a chair for longer and longer periods of time. When a person is young they spend more of their time in a standing position than a sitting one. (At least it used to be like that. Kids now seem to sit a lot and stare down at their phones.) As a person gets older they spend more time sitting than standing and moving. No wonder much older people have a hard time even getting out of bed or reaching above their head.

  • Rose Robertson


    origin integrity win xluqi paint tragedy third significance arab meal.

  • Avana


    Nahh, I’ve been sitting nearly 10 hours every day for atleast 5 years now. The doctors say that absolutely nothing has changed. Nothing. Apart from the „obvious“ things such as me growing taller… getting skinnier because of god-knows-why reasons.

  • Juarez Miranda


    Ok, I think I should watch this again. This time I will pay attention to to talk itself, not to the gorgeous guy.

  • Alan Philips


    he can crack walnuts wit dat azzz…

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