Why people believe they can’t draw – and how to prove they can | Graham Shaw | TEDxHull

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Why is it that so many people think they can’t draw? Where did we learn to believe that? Graham Shaw will shatter this illusion – quite literally – in a very practical way. He’ll demonstrate how the simple act of drawing has the power to make a positive difference in the world.

Graham specialises in the art of communication and has helped thousands of people to make important presentations. He is perhaps best known for his use of fast cartoon drawings to communicate ideas and is the author of ‘The Art of Business Communication’.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. My wife is a professional artist and she is constantly saying this. Drawing is a skill. It takes a long time to perfect (if it can be perfected) and lots of patience. I believe she is very talented, but as she points out, the skillset is what makes the money. Not the eye or the talent.

  2. Mind Zero sagt:

    ArcadiaCv instructions not clear pen stuck in my eyeball.

  3. Leo The Wolf sagt:

    SnailWalkingBy i have that problem too


  5. Carmen Pacheco sagt:


  6. 2012 2012 sagt:

    Skill depends on a talent

  7. Carrots&Conquer sagt:

    Wabbs Wight dude I think in the same with you but I’m 12 and it’s not really with drawing but with other things

  8. Alexandra Clinci sagt:

    Richard Cooper hehe :)))) so true :))

  9. missyviktor-trash sagt:

    Me too… ugh

  10. TunnelDragon44 sagt:

    I can draw a bit, mostly stuff that is almost like a technical drawing, and I’ve always been impressed by people who can draw simplified stuff. I need to feel out every line as I draw it.

  11. Ponies and Opulence sagt:


  12. Ponies and Opulence sagt:

    trueeeeee so true

  13. Ponies and Opulence sagt:

    The bit about the beautiful souls who suffered a stroke, drawing with their „wrong hand “ made me misty eyed. but as an artist myself, i appteciate those who foster creativity within those souls who might not be as confident. i try, myself, to help those budding artists around me. this video just touched my heart.

  14. 정재준 sagt:

    Tabourba ok I get it thx

  15. Alex ros roger sagt:

    That inspired me. School destroys our creativity. Although we have a subject called „Art“, they just tell us: draw that! And they do not teach us (how to draw persons, tricks…)

  16. ᅚᅚᅚ sagt:

    yeah I have no friends

  17. ᅚᅚᅚ sagt:

    I got it dad! 😀

  18. ShotzWereFired _ sagt:

    Craig Cerrero Your unique then

  19. Because if he did it on sheets out of a pocket note book, his audience wouldn’t be able to see it, would they?

  20. If that’s all you saw, Emily – you’re blind.

  21. Emily Gaming sagt:

    „How to prove them wrong“
    -Tell them to pick up a pen
    -Tell them to draw a line
    They’ve been proven wrong

  22. Caleigh Antwine sagt:


  23. otaku1014 sagt:

    Go for it.

  24. 정재준 sagt:

    Why is this guy wasting a paper so much:( but like his drawing XD

  25. Ac30Corks sagt:

    Michael goddamnit

  26. Budder Sparkz sagt:

    Don’t know if it’s too worth it, but I’d like to note that, whenever it was time to show others what they drew, the only response people gave were laughs. Laughs most likely directed at their art – it was, in their opinion, so hilariously terrible.

  27. It’s actually pretty tough to draw a simplified version once you can draw a realistically rendered version. It’s like you become dependent on adding all the shadows and reflected light in order to even understand the form yourself.

  28. AYA alsaeed sagt:

    I really enjoyed that talk alot

  29. Như Army sagt:

    OMG , I can’t believe I can draw

  30. Caleigh Antwine sagt:

    I hate it when so many people say they can’t draw- I’m 12, and I have drawn most of my life. If people want to know how to draw, they should practice and work hard like I did. People will come up to me and say „Teach me how to draw “ That is not how I learned, I have practiced and built my way to where I am now. You can just learn to draw really good by someone teaching you, it never really works out.
    So please, if you want to learn how to draw, keep practicing like I did.

  31. JM Minecraft Gaming sagt:

    I can draw but it is horrible

  32. Swiggity Swooty sagt:


  33. Ada Harrison sagt:

    ImFox -Draws it sometimes is a talent!

  34. matcharabbit Lol sagt:

    Phil Nolan are you the teacher

  35. Phil Nolan sagt:

    So you showed that you can’t follow instructions?

  36. Wabbs Wight sagt:

    Bonnie Kiwi What kind of things has he drawn now? Was he motivated and what does he have interests in? I’m also a young kid and I wanna see what children like him can draw 🙂 (My sister says I’m way better than what most 10 year olds can draw. It’s true because I already know most anatomy, eyes, and hair. I’m super mature, holy macaroni)

  37. Demi Demi Demi DemiDemi sagt:

    MikoPlayz they deserve to, it takes practice to get good at drawing realistic

  38. SnailWalkingBy sagt:

    When you can draw, everyone in your class wants you to draw for them

    (True Story, reply with a little about this subject to tell me you deal with it too T-T)

  39. ImFox -Draws sagt:

    Drawing is a skill,
    Not a Talent

  40. pro masterchannel sagt:

    many people think that drawing is for kids that’s why they quit there talent…………..they just copy the talent of what other people do so they can become cool…………..every talent is beautiful in its own way……..

  41. A Person With a Name sagt:

    And sometimes I can’t even manage to draw THAT right.

  42. A Person With a Name sagt:

    But here’s the thing… we just copied what you told us to do.

  43. RepleteBore sagt:

    3:17 omg is that vsauce

  44. Richard Cooper sagt:


  45. ArcadiaCv sagt:

    Step 1. Draw some circles
    Step 2. Draw the rest of the fucking owl

  46. AtWeekends sagt:

    My classmate did the same thing as what the speaker did but what I did was actually the opposite. We were in a class presentation and he teached us how to draw a cartoon
    *He instructs us to draw a cartoon and what I did was to draw a realistic version of the character he drew.*

  47. Bonnie Kiwi sagt:

    Amazing! Going to show this to my 9 year old. He’s always saying he can’t draw. This will show him he can and build his confidence!

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