Why I read a book a day (and why you should too): the law of 33% | Tai Lopez | TEDxUBIWiltz

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences.

In this talk, Tai Lopez reminds us that everyone wants the good life, but not everyone gets the good life because not everyone is willing to do what it takes.

18 Kommentare

  1. Clement Jr sagt:

    I nearly give up listening to this but patiently I got the message at the end

  2. Derp Sammy sagt:

    Because everyone has enough time to read a book a day, without external cash flow

  3. Brooke Poeschl sagt:

    33%, times 3, is not 100%. What do you do with that last 1% of your life..?

  4. alafwinjaidali khan sagt:

    Single book make uhh …. A brainshit….. Like singlebook quran.. And lots of book make uhh… A perfect happy human

  5. Péter Szántó sagt:

    Awesome story, Tai! Books will help to design our lives. There are no doubts about that.

  6. This guy sucks

  7. abhishek jain sagt:

    captions have wrong words

  8. Angeline Joyce Nakano sagt:

    Brilliant  presentation !

  9. Suld stefano sagt:

    Nothing new. Poorly structured speech.

  10. Bernice Reshes sagt:

    Omg I love your talk!!

  11. bell torres sagt:

    Hate this guy, just came for the comments, wasn’t disappointed lol

  12. Abiel Muren sagt:

    This TED talk was also rented? you know what they’re saying…

  13. A New Truth sagt:

    Anyone else pick up on the simple tricks of psychology used? e.g the clicking on ‚today‘. This is why we must read…. it’s useful

  14. Whatever happened to Happy?Will this guy ever be satisfied? If you want the good life…you need to spend more time with those you love. Everybody doesn’t want his version of the good life which is quite disturbing in my opinion.

  15. Chris Hui sagt:

    Everything from you is entertaining, but not practical, I clicked all your ads and wish you’ll disappear faster from my life

  16. apeksha Karki sagt:

    great topic

  17. Charu Mahawar sagt:

    Everybody wants a good life but everybody’s not willing to persevere to get it..

  18. Alex Karl sagt:

    „The D is about Design“ – That guy .

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