Why am I so gay? | Thomas Lloyd | TEDxGeorgetown

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. In this powerful talk, Thomas Lloyd talks about taking pride in owning his identity and the strength that stems from that ownership. He talks with admiration about a movement that learnt that changing a community is much easier and much less damaging than changing one’s own identity. In his journey he has learnt to walk in solidarity with not only those he identifies with but also other marginalized groups in society.

Thomas Lloyd is a Senior in the SFS majoring in STIA: Science, Technology & International Affairs. For the last two years he has served as the President of GUPride, Georgetown’s LGBTQ Student group, one of the only such groups at a Catholic school in the country. As the group’s president, Thomas helped raise the profile of GUPride and its catholic-campus LGBTQ work to a national level, while refocusing the mission of the group on to questions of intersectionality. Thomas has also been an RA at Georgetown for two years, written a regular column for The Hoya, and coached debate for The Bronx High School of Science for four years (his alma matter).

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26 Kommentare

  1. Xander Bonds sagt:

    I needed this today <3 Such a strong man you work it dammit!

  2. I think I fell in love….

  3. Mario A. Fuentes sagt:

    The end of the video is so touching, I really loved it, thanks for that. Greetings from Chile ☺

  4. orgone conclusion sagt:

    It’s a mental difference, but how can you call it a disorder if it doesn’t affect a person’s success in life?

  5. András Fogarasi sagt:

    Due to a mental disorder.

  6. Literal black void sagt:

    Reads the title: *SAME*

  7. Rafael Hernandez sagt:

    Top 10 questions science still cant answer

  8. Weird Pancake sagt:

    Could be gayer

  9. obviously he is gay. WOW

  10. Nicholas Flanders sagt:


  11. Layer 2 Copy sagt:

    The charisma in this video is higher then snoop

  12. Hayden Cooper sagt:

    I loved this! It has inspired me to write an essay on LGBT representation and visibility

  13. royojisan sagt:

    This changed my life in so many levels

  14. Peacock Feather sagt:

    you can be gay,but dont do gay sex

  15. Craig Beall sagt:

    I think the more important question is society so homophobic?

  16. •HeavyDirtyCraftbabySoul • sagt:

    He’s such a pleasant speaker

  17. João Marco Camazano Silva sagt:

    OMG he speaks o fast, my head hurts

  18. WinterWolf94 sagt:

    Where is the video „Why am I so attack helicopter?“

  19. Eric Taylor sagt:

    My point, sir, seems perfectly clear. Any Christian who goes against ANY PART of the Bible is going against what they consider the Word of God.
    I don’t understand how this is not hypocrisy. You can’t reject a commandment in the Bible simply because it has become politically incorrect. By doing so you are rejecting a fundamental part of your religion.
    I happen to think it is perfectly moral to have sex with whoever you wish, so long as everyone involved are consenting adults. But then I’m not Christian so I am perfectly free to hold this opinion.
    It is a contradiction to say that the Bible is the Word of God, and then reject parts of that Word because you don’t like them.

  20. nathan sfarcioc sagt:

    Eric Taylor
    Yeah… there is plenty of stuff Christians do that go against the Bible deliberately… so your point?

  21. Eric Taylor sagt:

    I don’t understand how anyone can be Christian AND Gay. If the Bible is the word of god (and I do not personally think it is) then ALL of it must be the word of God. If any part of the Bible is NOT the word of God, then NONE of it can be the word of God.
    The Bible makes it VERY clear that the Christian God considers homosexuality to be an abomination. To be Christan and accepting of homosexuality is to reject this part of the Bible, which means that the no part of the Bible is the Word of God, and by definition, none of Christianity is the Church of God.
    That is a real problem with an eternal, perfect God. If God is perfect, then any change would be a move away from perfection, so God can never change. God’s word can never change. You can keep being Christian and reject and kill homosexuals, or you can be accepting of homosexuals, but you can’t be both.

  22. AkizaVesper well so far I’ve been ‚owning it‘

  23. AkizaVesper sagt:

    Well, their steps are loud and thundering and more often than not bordering onto being threatening, but whatever floats your boat.
    And… Own it. Or change it. Or complain about it. It’s your choice.

  24. AkizaVesper maybe I wanna look like a herd of horses running freely through the plain
    And I’m not even gay, I’m a very effeminate guy but I’m bi not gay

  25. AkizaVesper sagt:

    Just keep on walking gaily. It’s better than being told you walk like a herd of brewery horses.

  26. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been told I walk gay. I’ve always walked like this so how do you learn to walk differently

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