What healthcare will look like in 2020 | Stephen Klasko | TEDxPhiladelphia

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. How will healthcare change in the future? Dr. Stephen Klasko shares his insights on healthcare reform in this informative talk cleverly staged in the year 2020. As the President and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and its affiliated Hospital, Dr. Klasko manages enormous change – both in health care and in the business of running a major college and hospital. His work focuses on merging the two, finding ways to expand medicine into the community in innovative ways.

Dr. Stephen Klasko is the President and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health System. Jefferson is the largest freestanding academic medical center in Philadelphia, with over 12,000 employees and 3,700 students.

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  1. My Academy of Health Excellence sagt:

    Personal Responsibility – Medical Cost Sharing could this be a solution

  2. Mr. Joy Firdaus sagt:

    TEDx talks good knowladge learn

  3. riley robinette sagt:

    William Mills you can’t get people to interpret the scans…

  4. Steven Weissman sagt:

    I travelled forward in time to 2020 and retrieved my bill for a $25,000 hospital tylenol.


  6. hussain abde sagt:

    who is can help me in English language. please

  7. Shlomo Cohen sagt:

    smart dust go to a different country for care and come back. I recommend Israel.

  8. Frank Blangeard sagt:

    The Rolling Stones didn’t look much (or any) better in 1977 than they did in 2014.

  9. Mayur Panghaal sagt:

    Now they have a gene sequencer for mobile phones.Its made by Oxford nanopore tech.Look it up.Just a matter of time before Google offers to sequence and store your sequenced genome…and make available all sorts of data for you.

  10. Jamarus Crutchfield sagt:

    The notion of the future cannibalism of eachother. Great mesaage tha involves a team. Everyone is better at something than someone else. Accepting feedback and respecting eachothers ideas will grow the healthcare industry. Diversify and unify!! Great speech!!

  11. This is a huge mistake and it is obvious this doc is dettached from actual and real patient experience. The death of our health care system is giving the power to patients, insurance, and pharm companies and taking it away from docs by applying ridiculous service industry standards. Wrong approach!

  12. Enrico D. sagt:

    Dr. Klasko you forgot one HUGE detail in your prediction…

    Pres. Donald Drumpf and Paul Ryan’s American Health Care Act
    – from 2016

  13. I can’t wait to be a CEO and watch 25 hours of patient footage a day.

  14. Tony Teri sagt:

    This talk was useless, more self celebratory than anything else.

  15. mutoni patience sagt:


  16. Carroll Hoagland sagt:

    Thanks Dr. Klasko glad you are tongue and cheek, but I think the real issue if „Medicine by Chemistry“ which is a failed experiment … so I hope your retraining of doctors takes in the consideration Hippocrates …
    Hippocratic Oath … “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure… “, has been forgotten …
    70 Going On 100.

  17. Star Trek has finally arrived!!!!

  18. Cecil Hilrey sagt:

    yes I do agree  with yoy

  19. Roberto Moreno sagt:

    This guy looks terrible.

  20. smart dust sagt:

    After paying for healthcare for 30 years, I got bit by an insect and declined from a healthy, productive, beautiful individual to very ill person. My insurance enabled me to go to dozens of doctors, who did nothing but decline my requests for tests. They all preferred to refer me to other doctors, who then referred me to more doctors. After a few mos, my employer let me go. The symptoms progressed to the point where I could no longer drive, hair fell out, stools were white, and nails turned yellow. Vomiting, numb hands/feet, bloated stomach, dizziness, headaches, vision issues. Sold my house and spent over $100K and yet not a single Lyme, Chagas, or Zika Test. Request for a blood smear declined, GI workup declined, etc. No amount of money will fix the level of stupidity that our so-called medical professionals exhibit. These folks only want to dispense psych drugs in lieu of medical treatment. Our system is beyond broken.

  21. First Amendment sagt:

    Sorry, pal….drugs are not the answer to being healthy. The big problem is that people want to eat crap and then fall into disease. It’s at that point that the poor moron wants a quick fix….a drug that masks the real problem.

  22. gaurav63105 sagt:

    I have seen you on other similar videos too, i am working on some ideas of my own which works in my country and i want to get in touch with you on US perspective of its implementation.mail me at

  23. Hagus McGuiness sagt:

    By taking an approach to viewing how the healthcare system can improve, I congratulate Dr. Klasko for taking one I had never thought of before. Now, there were some odd comments that he made that did not pertain to the topic of healthcare, but when he referred to the topic at hand, there were some interesting suggestions. When he stated that in the future, there would be a machine that matches a patient’s DNA with the appropriate drugs, that is an intriguing idea. Just to know that someone in the healthcare field is thinking of that, I am delighted to know that even with current technological advancements, new and helpful ideas are being made. To show the beneficence of this idea, suppose that instead of having someone make a mistake in your prescription, a machine could prescribe you the exact medication you need. The action that Dr. Kraft proposes this machine could perform, would definitely benefit anyone that is looking for their appropriate prescription.

  24. William Mills sagt:

    I found out that for the same amount of money that the average person pays for 5 x-rays in America……they could actually buy an x-ray machine!!!!! For around $5000, you can get a good used x-ray machine. For about $3500 you can buy a brand new state of the art portable handheld HD x-ray camera!!!!!!!!!!!

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