To find work you love, don’t follow your passion | Benjamin Todd | TEDxYouth@Tallinn

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Mainstream career advice tells us to “follow our passion”, but this advice is dead wrong. Research shows that people who take this approach are ultimately no more likely to enjoy or excel at their jobs. Instead, if you’re looking for a fulfilling career, here’s a new slogan to live by: Do what’s valuable.

Benjamin Todd is the co-founder and Executive Director of 80,000 Hours, an Oxford-based charity dedicated to helping people find fulfilling careers that make a real difference. In three years, 80,000 Hours has grown from a student society to a thriving charity featured on the BBC, the Washington Post, NPR and more, and whose online careers guide has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.
Benjamin Todd on heategevusorganisatsiooni 80 000 Hours kaasasutaja, nende eesmärk on aidata inimesi, kes tahavad suurendada oma karjääri positiivset mõju maailmale. Ben on juhtinud 80 000 Hoursi kasvu kolme aasta jooksul tudengiorganisatsioonist Oxfordi heategevusorganisatsiooniks, mida on mainitud nii BBC, Washington Post ja NPR jt.meediaväljaannetes. Ben on õppinud Oxfordis füüsikat ja filosoofiat, avaldanud kirjutisi kliimafüüsika teemal ja räägib hiina keelt.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  • Donkey strangling time


    Wahaha Chao Yes but those people make up the tiny 1% – 3% that he was talking about

  • DubocracyVlogs Vlogs


    Give this presentation to the greats….. they’d shove it right back…

  • Moza Alfalasi


    dream but, know what are the opportunities out there, go for the major that helps to get paid AND helps to improve you passion

    just what I did

  • Malvin Mhungu


    Ok, that was good.
    Thanx a lot

  • Bahman Yaghoobi


    The most valuable things are the ones that you would be most paid for. As simple as that. Of course it should also be something you are passionate about.

  • Emma Garofalo


    dude fed’s here interviewing for laserwolf what are the fucken odds

  • Juliana A


    This kid’s lecture reminded me of two books: Fahrenheit 451 and A Brave New World. In both books, the authors talk about a distopic future where „the greater good“ is considered more important than someone’s individual desires and passions. I have the impressions he is trying to convince people that they gotta find something to do in order to fill in a blank in society, so that everybody can have a job, and everyone han be helped by others. Be careful to where that can lead us.
    People need individuality, and people need to be able to chose what they do, either based on their passion, or based on how much money a certain job will provide. I am all for helping others, but everything has a limit. Helping others cannot turn into an obligation bigger than my own desires and passions. That’s dictatorship of the masses. Any one who read those two books will understand this!
    On the other hand, I completely agree that altruism brings happines! I just think his approach was a bit confusing. Maybe it was just the choice of words!

  • Catherine Depew


    This was the worst TED talk I have ever watched.

  • Christian Palad


    so i should not pursue marketing? because it mostly does not help people?

  • AceHoops


    Wahaha Chao And every professional actor in history.

  • Saud Ahmed


    Samyah mh I

  • lily janson


    It sounds like this is just the story about how this guy found his passion. He doesn’t understand that some people actually know their passions when they’re young even though he didn’t. Martial Arts and Philosophy obviously weren’t his passion (theres a difference between interests and passion).

  • Akram Naman


    Thank you.

  • salsabila optimiste


    Desire / ability / opportunity = appropriate field

  • Albert pirat


    To find work you love, don’t follow your passion. Well I love what I’m pasionate about. And I mean real passion not just being into sth. So If I want to find work I love, I need to follow my passion – logical.

  • Paulus Potter


    Not completely agreeing with this video. There have been many people working on stuff they liked which did not seem to have direct value for others. Invention of Internet, for example, was for Defense interest and now has huge benefits for people around the world. Nobody could have figured that out back then… I’d always follow my feeling and do stuff even if doesn’t seem to make sense at that time. Just don’t ever be scared.

  • Naya Ford


    Lol my passion is bringing valuable things and life changing things together and putting it into a visual performance, film, or health related thing. So where does that leave me?

  • Auriel Joyner


    from the view of an existentialist. doesn’t matter what i do as long as I’m glad and proud do have done it. life’s reason for existing is within itself. you make that reason to exist by exisisting. yes helping others is fulfilling for many ‚wounded healers‘ yet if you haven’t experienced a lot, its clearly gonna take a while to discover what your passion is. gotta experience your passion to find it. if not. all you have are ‚interests‘.

  • Newtonia -UO


    Elizabeth Juntilla its a beautiful thing.

  • Corey Pressler


    Look, don’t try to learn life lessons from someone who has barely lived….

  • Mayne i Am


    So basically don’t dream. Don’t try. Just accept that most of us are mediocre and that’s life.

  • Wahaha Chao


    Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robins, Jim Rhon and Brian Tracy will disagree with this video.

  • Samyah mh


    sorry, but what worked for him doesn’t mean it will for everyone
    passion is NOT like interests
    if you are passionate about something you will be willing to go all the way, and make all the sacrifices and i think thats enough to get you GOOD at it and eventually succeed

  • Elizabeth Juntilla




  • Andreas Wijaya


    Sorry to say, but this is incredibly stupid.yes, you heard me right. STUPID. I’ve seen countless people giving up on their passion after doing ’some‘ effort they consider as full effort. Blaming that ‚there is no market for it‘ or any other made-up logical-like excuses afterwards. The thing is, what would you consider as an effort? It is all about perspective, you might think you already did your best, while in fact you could actually try or think harder. The thing about passion is, they bring the best out of you. I can’t really explain it in words, but real passion does actually do wonder for you. Whatever your passion is, i do believe that if you become (or create something) one of the best or fulfill some needs in a certain niche, you will be succesful. Even if there is no market for it, create one. A message for the guy in the video: “ if your passion doesn’t bring you success, then you aren’t passionate at all in the first place“. General rule of thumb is: How bad do you want it?

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