The world’s ugliest music | Scott Rickard | TEDxMIA

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Scott Rickard has degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering from M.I.T. and MA and PhD degrees in Applied and Computational Mathematics from Princeton University. At University College Dublin, he founded the Complex & Adaptive Systems Laboratory, where biologists, geologists, mathematicians, computer scientists, social scientists and economists work on problems which matter to people. He is passionate about mathematics, music and educating the next generation of scientists and mathematicians.

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48 Kommentare


    Nvm I just cried

  2. Dillon Zhong sagt:

    Actually, its in „No“

  3. Amar Asrrak sagt:

    I actually like it haha

  4. Ákos Rutai sagt:

    Chris Patel overused comment

  5. Lily Games and more! sagt:

    …is this why I’m force to play piano when I want to play violin?To make a pisses face?

  6. Jackson Perry sagt:

    Bro best comment ever

  7. Niger Whorunsfast ye

  8. swaggy cat sagt:


  9. kind of. that’s the point

  10. Ryan de Vega sagt:

    I wanna hear them play it on a violin LOL

  11. Mia O'Sullivan sagt:

    It’s just random notes…

  12. Noah Mooren sagt:


  13. Gabriela Majzner sagt:

    Luke DeLeon SAME OMG

  14. Meliodas sin_of_wrath sagt:

    Simplexi but that just repeats now me playing that never repeats… Because someone gets me away from the instrument before I can repeat

  15. Boy Bawang sagt:

    My music is not bound to your primitive „keys“

  16. Frank Liao sagt:

    England is my city

  17. lol

  18. DaimonTrilogy sagt:

    Even a noisy washing machine can be music in other guys ears. It depends on perception.

  19. Lili Barrera sagt:

    Purplegreen45 whatever floats your boat

  20. Purplegreen45 sagt:

    The higher pitches don’t come at a certain time, he said specifically that none of the rhythms were repeated either.

  21. Hannah Mary sagt:

    You guys are so nice calling each other honey and sweetie

  22. CreativeSam sagt:

    Apparently you have been only listening to the super popular hits, which of course follow (most) the safest money making route and don’t really innovative. But music ain’t just the super popular hits is it? Search deeper and you will find incredible musicians today.

    Btw the ’song‘ in the video is not music. It’s basically a sequence of meaningless frequencies disconnected from each other. What you heard is as much music as your noisy washing machine.

  23. sunflower tracey sagt:

    sweetie i did

  24. tracey honey please listen to the piano piece again

  25. Kreem Meem sagt:

    Luke DeLeon Why? Serious question.

  26. Eduardo Montiel sagt:

    I honestly loved it

  27. Manasvi Shakamuri sagt:

    I like it too! I found something special about it. it was unpredictable and also had some bits that actually had melody. I imagined it as a background music with a mysterious environment.

  28. Lili Barrera sagt:

    Zack Darshon that’s because it isn’t music, there trying to replicate it on the piano for if we could hear the ‚ping‘ this is what it would sound like on piano

  29. FuzzyWuzaCat sagt:

    I did too. I’ve heard worse, I’ve heard my sister sing.

  30. Breyersgotathangforme 444 sagt:

    Hippie Whovian SAME

  31. Blightflame sagt:

    I was expecting It’s Everyday Bro to play.

  32. Austin Wallace No. We’re together in this < 3

  33. *whips*

  34. MarcusIsI sagt:

    Potato Gaming that’s more a scale than a key

  35. The Mad Hatter sagt:

    Yeah, I can see how they could get a copyright claim if they re-uploaded Jake Paul’s music.

  36. mynameis bob sagt:

    there you go 7:47

  37. Tornado House sagt:


  38. Chris Patel sagt:

    Me: Yo pass the aux cord
    Friend: You better not play trash

  39. Austin Wallace sagt:

    I actually found this to be quite enjoyable. Am I alone in this?

  40. Jeonghan Trash sagt:

    Am I the only one who actually liked it??

  41. Random Commenter sagt:

    me- hey i wrote a piano piece!
    Person- oh cool what key is it in?
    Me- yes

  42. Corrosive One sagt:

    Lua Cax hey, if it pays…

  43. *can’t believe I’ve accepted to play this thing*

  44. Hippie Whovian sagt:

    Did anyone else hear a gurgling sound throughout the entire video? It was like someone slurping their drink or something.

  45. Luke DeLeon sagt:

    As a pianist, this *triggered* the hell out of me.

  46. sunflower tracey sagt:

    there is no ugly music

  47. Rickson Geometry Dash sagt:

    I like the fact that its unpredictable… Unlike most music nowadays


    Am i the only one who liked it?
    It was really cool.
    Like that could be the skeleton of a really jazzy piece.
    And once you add words and more patternifying notes, you could actually get some really nice jazz, or gospel type music.
    Even by itself, i liked it.
    (Maybe i am an alien jamming to it)
    Yeah but seriously. I liked it.

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