The World is Not Flat | American Express

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The World is Not Flat | American Express

39 Kommentare

  1. bitchasshoeism sagt:

    Carter Peel it is flat

  2. Andrew Chang sagt:

    me too

  3. Skyler Huff sagt:

    What’s the song?

  4. Russell Ham sagt:

    if the earth is round, how come the ball aint going no where ?

  5. Garrett Oliva sagt:

    *B O I*

  6. Garrett Oliva sagt:

    „The earth is not flat“
    *F I N A L Y* An advertisement that tells the truth

  7. de brebeuf sagt:


  8. Baller Reactions sagt:

    Let’s hope he doesn’t have American Express

  9. ㄷ얌ㄱ야 듀문 sagt:


  10. Graham Arnett No this is the most serious he has been in his entire life you are just unable to understand pure young ambition.

  11. Evil Delsin Rowe sagt:


  12. Carter Peel sagt:

    it’s not flat

  13. G&G Films sagt:

    Y e s i t i s

  14. DrivingHousecat sagt:

    Did anyone else click on this ad just to see all of the Flat Earth memes in the comments?

  15. Graham Arnett sagt:

    You’re joking right?

  16. Graham Arnett sagt:

    No it really isn’t

  17. DEUnknownPLAY3R sagt:

    came here to see to flat earth tinfoil hat wearing retards

  18. Biosquid239 sagt:

    A reasonable politician it literally ruins all the fun telling you I’m joking my dude.

  19. A reasonable politician sagt:

    Joke or no?

  20. bitchasshoeism sagt:

    Slovaenn but the Earth is flat

  21. SonoftheWay35 me to

  22. It’s honestly pretty disappointing how many people take jokes about Earth being flat seriously. As a great man once said, „It’s a meme you dip“

  23. bitchasshoeism sagt:

    EliteAaron but the Earth is flat

  24. Biosquid239 sagt:

    reported for misleading content. the earth is flat and you are inferring it’s not

  25. Blake Alester sagt:

    Thicc Boi I was concerned until someone commented with a Doge profile picture

  26. American Express stay woke

  27. Zetapology sagt:

    hard to tell if you are sarcastic

  28. Trey Isbell sagt:

    Kevin Hermosillo so when we watch a boat sail into the horizon, they’re never to been seen from again right?

  29. SonoftheWay35 sagt:

    lol, I saw this on a video and just came here to see if there were triggered flattards

  30. LieutenantJohn sagt:

    Right when I heard them say earth wasnt flat I came to see the comments

  31. Trevor Hendrix sagt:

    the Earth IS flat! #fakenews

  32. Zane Rudd i was just going to comment that

  33. Kevin Hermosillo sagt:

    sorry sir ill let you see that im a administrator of the flat earth society

    if you cant tell im doing a joke for you people that just have a spasms about a joke

  34. kyrie irving is mad


    Waaoow. One of the best Credit Card Ad.

  36. Zane Rudd sagt:

    Flat earthers are triggered

  37. jack christenson sagt:


  38. EliteAaron sagt:

    At least somebody knows earth is round

  39. Thicc Boi sagt:

    They don’t know what they are talking about the Earth is flat

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