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Lissa Rankin, MD is an OB/GYN physician, author, keynote speaker, consultant to health care visionaries, professional artist, and founder of the women's health and wellness community Discouraged by the broken, patriarchal health care system, she left her medical practice in 2007 only to realize that you can quit your job, but you can't quit your calling. This epiphany launched her on a journey of discovery that led her to become a leader in the field of mind/body medicine, which she blogs about at and is writing about in her third book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself (Hay House, 2013).

She teaches both patients and health care professionals how to make the body ripe for miracles by healing the mind and being healthy in all aspects of life, not just by promoting healthy behaviors like good nutrition, exercise, and adequate sleep, but by encouraging health and authenticity in relationships, work, creative expression, spirituality, sexuality, finances, and living environment. She is leading a revolution to feminize how health care is received and delivered by encouraging collaboration, fostering self-healing, reconnecting health care and spirituality, empowering patients to tap into the mind's power to heal the body, and encouraging women not to settle for being merely well, but to strive for living vital, joyful, authentic lives full of "mojo."

When not spreading the word, she chills out, paints, does yoga, and hikes in Marin County, CA with her husband and daughter.

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  1. jon morey sagt:

    Feng shui

  2. Keith Lamont Davis sagt:

    Thanks doctor. This is what I needed to hear.

  3. Jim Truncali sagt:

    Obviously if you get a virus, infection, or cancer no amount of spiritual connection, or good relationships, are going to save you on their own. I think what she is getting at here is the connection between how the health of the mind can affect the body. We need to understand that our perception of our life can affect our physical health. Its basically the negative affects of psychological stress. However in my opinion it should be considered that there are also positive affects from experiencing certain amounts of psychological stress, such as the qualities of good character. The value in this presentation is in learning to balance your life, its about creating a life style that allows you to take on „stress“ in a way that is therapeutic. In the same way that the stress of moderate regular physical exercise is therapeutic for the body, moderate regular psychological stress is healthy for the mind, too much and you start breaking down.

  4. farmaan dhillon sagt:

    this is the best ted talk that I have ever seen . thank you for sharing .

  5. Stephanie Chelemengos sagt:

    Your education is not finished.

  6. Stephanie Chelemengos sagt:

    All the years of research and this woman came up with this answer. This makes me so sad. Your body is telling you something is wrong. Have your spine checked.  The blood flow is being compromised to your brain. If your brain tells your body what to do and it is not functioning, this is the problem get your spine and nervous system checked. Watch Dr. Bergmen. Also, this woman needs to watch him. also.

  7. Jim Anderson sagt:

    Little known huge secret nobody talks about: genetics. My grandfather smoked for 65 years and died at 94. My dad was a heavy drinker and smoker and never exercises, and is going strong at 96 years old. They both loved life and family though.

  8. bloatedman sagt:

    she is reptile

  9. sachinthakk sagt:


  10. Narcissistic Abuse Journey Alliance sagt:

    Great video!

  11. allison tamouzian sagt:

    So much truth to this

  12. Milton Welch sagt:

    You are sitting on the park bench and drunk sits next to you with: „Le’me tell you my life story…“

  13. Michael Ingleson sagt:

    no one shud be punished wen too young to understand it all normal.

  14. Michelle Izegbu sagt:

    There’s nothing more freeing than openly discussing health issues and I for one am here for all of it. I’m actually trying to detour into public health so this is so relative. I would appreciate it if you could please share and donate! Please check out my go fund me page,
    Thank you so much xx

  15. blu henriquez sagt:

    wow!! amazing

  16. Jabar Esmael sagt:

    What a pile of negative comments. All attacking. Sad…

  17. rajib sarker sagt:

    u r absolutely r8.
    and i must say ur voice so pretty.
    thank u.

  18. RAHUL SHAW sagt:

    She is fucking hot

  19. Theokuma Kuma sagt:

    what is so shocking in finding out that everyone needs love in their life? i didnt find any new in this speech.

  20. Fabulous Woman sagt:

    „When your life falls apart you either grow or you grow a tumor.“ ~ Let us grow.

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