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The world has waited a long time for the inside scoop on Roswell. Truth is an excellent curative for false proclamations. The Roswell crashed saucer retrieval is one of the most important UFO cases ever, anywhere. We need more information from those directly involved, and this book provides a good deal of important new material. – Stanton T. Friedman

My focus in this presentation is to present a clearer picture of the man who was – and remains – at the center of the Roswell controversy; my father, Jesse Marcel, Sr.. I realize that my duty to my father is to present him as the man he was, as accurately as possible. As such, I feel I am the only living person truly qualified to wield the brush. I hope I serve his memory well. Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr. MD

This LIVE presentation was given at the X-Conference by Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr. MD, the son of the now famous Maj. Jesse Marcel, Sr., who served as intelligence officer at the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) in 1947, and was the first military officer on the scene of the Roswell UFO Crash.

The X-Conference is produced by X-PPAC (Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee) and The Paradigm Research Group, who's mission is to educate Congress, the Press and the Public about the Government imposed "Truth Embargo" and to bring about formal acknowledgment by the U. S. Government of an Extraterrestrial presence engaging the Human Race – Full Disclosure. UFOTV is pleased to present what will be all of the presentations that were given by all the invited speakers at each of the X-Conference events. Stay tuned as we continue to upload further video coverage.

DVDs from this historic and ongoing X-Conference event will be available shortly. Go to . Keyword – "X-Conference"

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  1. +Tom k2bew – A logo is put on a video like this to protect the owner’s rights….otherwise, someone can copy the video and use it, often claiming it’s theirs.

  2. +Keyser Söze ; Exactly, and why in Jesse Marcel Jr’s book about Roswell does he not tell us exactly what his father saw or loaded on the plane? He only tells his own description of a few pieces of debris he saw in his kitchen. It does not add up. I really think he was just trying to cash in on his father’s part he played at Roswell for his own retirement.

  3. Brilliant, your stupid UFOTV logo is right over the top of some of the real UFO’s in the pictures he shows so you can’t see them. Do you really need that on the screen all the time? We know what we are watching.

  4. Some good points but retrospectively have you noticed the uncanny resemblance to the craft they described back in 1947 and UAV X-47B today the present. I believe that something may have been deliberately seeded and unwittingly then developed and then seeded by us somewhere else, like a A.I . virus . IMO

  5. Why has Stan Friedman never released his full interview with Major Marcel? Why have full interviews with him except for one not been published? From what we can read in the few interviews with him that were made available his description of the wreckage, crash site and what happened afterward are completely different than the mythology of today. He speaks of only one plane, he tells of no security measures being taken nor does he state a thousand troops came in to vacuumed the desert for bits of metal. Not a single person has ever come forward to say they were part of a giant clean up out on the ranch, if they have come forward it’s not on the web or in any books. Major Marcel also makes it very clear there were no alien bodies at the site and said if there had been he would have brought them back to base. This story is seriously falling apart the more I read in it. Stan Friedman as well as many others make wild claims about Roswell that has added to the tale but the best witness testimony always seems to fall apart once looked at Carly and I have done so over twenty five years.

  6. It’s so hard to know what to believe in the Roswell adventure story. People say the metal could not be dented with a hammer, or bent but in the same breath they say if one was to bend the metal it would spring back to its original form. Also Major Marcel apparently gave false information about his wartime service and education. He is quoted as saying he received five air medals for shooting down five enemy planes as he was a fighter pilot. The problem is his records do not show him having worked one second as a pilot. He also stated that he had a university degree in physics yet his records who he did not, although he did study physics for a year and a half. In Jesi Marcel junior book that I read just this week he says all the wreckage was sent to WPAFB in one cargo plane, it’s not that large of a plane so if there was a crash it must have been a very small ufo. Also Major Marcel stated there was no crash marks in the ground and yet today everyone else say oh hell yes there was a giant skid mark two quarters of a mile long.

  7. Excelent lecture.Brilliant.

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