The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen | TEDxOrangeCoast

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  • atheer army


    i put the speed on 1.25

  • Janina Jochim


    SPECT as a technique does not allow to draw the conclusions at all that he claims it does. I can’t believe TED allowed him to talk on this …

  • j7ndominica0


    This man is critical of the profession of psychiatry, as being cruel and guessing. I couldn’t agree more. However, he is still one of them. He talks of being „suicidal“ as if it is a failure of some god’s prescribed program & purpose, and he has the authority to know what that purpose is. Rarely do psychiatrists consider that there are objective factors that can lead to hopeless situations such as lack of money, loss of relationship, rejection and bullying at school. None of which any doctor have capacity or desire to compensate for.

    He can only realiably diagnose than an injury has taken place. But if he didn’t know it already, I’m sure he’d be tempted to fix whatever-disorder with crude methods. Scan a computer, discover it has overheating in certain spots, and claim you know the program that lead to that state. Yeah, right.

    He could easily play Dr Chinnard from Hellraiser, and. perform. am.pu.tation, so they can walk like zombies and pay some taxes for the „health“ and justice system. He has that aura of a villain and manipulator around him. I have unfortunately met one psychiatrist in real life.

  • Hanna Barishnikova


    Behavior is only the expression of the problem, it´s not the problem. Bingo!

  • Anthony Holland


    Snake oil salesman of note.

  • Alex L.


    Damn, I didn’t know Bruce Willis was such an innovative psychiatrist.

  • Mandar Powale


    I would like a contact number because I have a friend who has schizophrenia. Please do provide some info on how to contact for this treatment.

  • D Taylor


    What is his professional title? Is he a neurologist or a psychologist or what? Ph.D. or M.D.?

  • J Moez US



  • annabelle7123


    so how does brain rehabilitation work??? really interested as this could be miracle and hope for ppl with mental disorder or dehabilating problems like dementia… we think there is no cure for this!

  • Trevor Or


    Don’t get a good feeling about this guy

  • Ann Bertoli


    Great video.

  • David AE Levy


    This should be, brain scanning, a common practice with brain/behavioral doctors. As well as for general MDs for say kidney issues by scanning that area or correlated areas. The inhibitor for this is COST. These machines are highly expensive and take up a lot of space. Until material science and technology lower the cost, risk/liability to operate, and size… this practice of scanning in the same hour (as your visit) to assist in making a more accurate diagnosis is not going to happen. More gov funding and private funding should go to these areas to accelerate the development pace of making this technology more practical for majority of doctor clinics.

  • Richi Dimitrova


    This is groundbreaking and should be applied and available to everyone !

  • Real Editor


    This is the best talk I could find on Psychiatry in 2017. What could be better is a neural network that could learn and analyse those 83000 brain activity scans and corresponding behaviours and diagnose issues and suggest treatment. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual looks like severely outdated.

  • Anne Goodwin


    Twenty-two years ago I was given a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. They did some sort of tests on me at the mental health hospital but no one ever showed those results to me. It makes sense to look at the brain via cat scans, MRI or SPEC, etc but rather useless if these results are never shared with the patient. I live in Canada. Personally it doesn’t bother me if he’s rich as long as he’s honest and accurate. I wonder why he didn’t mention a thing about bipolar disorder?

  • Katherine Perez


    That was beautiful. What a wonderful thing for humanity

  • Kathryn Messer


    This is phenomenal information, it makes me want to become a psychologist to help people properly. I don’t understand how there are any dislikes to this video, let alone 1k?

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