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  1. Daniel Figueroa sagt:

    Way too long!

  2. Mike O Neal sagt:

    My staff had been replying to all your support tickets with the download link to the PDF E-Book. We have documented proof. I will still go ahead and process your refund, however you should be laying off baseless accusations like this – not when we have a good record of all your support ticket interactions.

  3. Antonio Longoria sagt:

    Dear friend, you don’t know it yet, but you are about to be SCAMMED. Yes, this is a complete scam.  I bought the Eastern Keys by Mr. Mike O’Neal package as shown in this video.  It was supposed to be a download.  I have not been able to download it.  Instead they sent me a short package called the Harmonic Prayer by Ms. Mia Jones.  I have been having nothing but problems and runarounds by these people.  I would certainly have second thoughts if you are considering buying into this scam.
    YOU HAVE BEEN FOR WARNED.  DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM.  I am still trying to recover my money.  I am a military veteran on a limited budget.  I am really disappointed that there are unscrupulous people out there.

  4. Maher Atta sagt:

    Everyone’s soul needs a little rejuvenation once in a while, and I’m absolutely certain that this will do just that

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