The dark side of the web — exploring darknets | Kyle Terry | TEDxSalem

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. The internet is a powerful tool with many layers. Kyle Terry shares his exploration of one of the deepest layers: the darknet.

Kyle Terry was destined to become a computer historian. Having worked as a systems administrator, software engineer, and senior devops engineer, he's explored many aspects of computing and is qualified to speak on a broad range of topics. See his history of the internet presentation here:

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33 Kommentare

  1. William Larson sagt:

    New at all this, but since the alpha agencies have already admitted to collecting internet metadata, including email, blah blah blah, isn’t all this academic? Think if you search the net, you’re likely to be the catch.

  2. paradisemace1 sagt:

    I don’t know him… he could be leading cattle to the slaughter house.

  3. Starts talking about Tor Browser… realizes he’s watching this video in Tor Browser… Torception!!

  4. It’s is not good that people can get guns without a psych evaluation, but on the other hand, since when does the government get to choose who gets weapons and who doesn’t.

  5. Roger Hudson sagt:

    The first transAtlantic packets were sent during the conference ‚ Internetworking ’73 ‚ at Brighton, England in 1973 to a lab in the University of Sussex. Inter-networking, the internet.
    Use webcrawlers and shun the commercial consumerist giants, sorry Google.

  6. Abdul Amin sagt:

    There’s a guy in front of the stage throwing gang signs. I feel uncomfortable.

  7. Frogman Smith sagt:

    WTF did he say???

  8. NINTENDAWN sagt:

    What’s up with the dude at the front making gang signs

  9. derwen talia sagt:

    he sucks as a presenter. his style is as meandering, disjointed, and labyrinthine as his topic

  10. AmirAli Tn sagt:

    Aphex Twin is one person…

  11. Lukas Vasiliauskas sagt:

    i didnt know Tyler Toney would be into this stuff

  12. Fred Loza sagt:

    someone give this dude some water

  13. デミラッグベリ sagt:

    longest 14 min of my life

  14. Satrya Arrizky sagt:

    each time im using tor..
    my poloniex account was hacked…

    IP come from Viet, Australian, US etc…

  15. Hello Starshine sagt:

    Fake Jake Gyllenhaal

  16. OneMinuteFixed,   For instance?

  17. Garantia COBIA sagt:

    Didn’t hear much of what he was saying because I was busy reading both of his arms!

  18. vulnerable gullible sheep sagt:

    Nic Moronta it was created so that they coukd spy on other governments with out them knowing who is spying on them so its completely secure.

  19. mazdarati2 sagt:

    Felt like the talk was a bit too slow but man this is a huge improvement

  20. A road made out of silk, it took spiders ages to build so has a high regard amongst the hacking community.

  21. +OneMinuteFixed You need it on the deep web. Scary people.

  22. OneMinuteFixed sagt:

    You can create your own servers, place your own infrastructure, I’d say that goes a little bit over the top thou. Not madness nowadays if you really have something to hide. Say, like Hilary did with her private email sever lol

  23. +Gravity Dog so, ‚tis technically impossible to tor’s nodes to save your ip??? ‚tis technically impossible to run attack in the middle through tor’s network??? ‚tis Absolutely impossible to detect whether you’ve used tor or it’s been just your native ip???

  24. Gravity Dog sagt:

    SunHail8 Do some research on how TOR works. It can’t be tracked even by the people who make it.

  25. +Gravity Dog would you like to prove your optimism? 🙂

  26. jake palmer sagt:

    Tyrus707 yeah it got replaced with gram now

  27. Just A Fan sagt:

    Dr Sp.Ace There are others version that also sells guns,human parts/organs but they didn’t made enough profit so the creator shut it down

  28. Iron Druid sagt:

    Quick bit of advice, put the play speed at 1.25. It’s soooooo much better.

  29. Dr Sp.Ace It was the biggest drug market on the dark web

  30. jordan rose sagt:

    A place where people buy drugs. Cocaine, heroin, the hard stuff.

  31. Dr Sp.Ace sagt:

    Hate to sound like an idiot but, what’s Silk Road?

  32. Nic Moronta sagt:

    The „dark web“ is supposed to protect our privacy, but how can that be true when major dark web access networks (i.e tor) are funded by the U.S government, along with several other governments around the world? It just sounds like a front created by the powerful to give you a false sense of security.

  33. OneMinuteFixed sagt:

    But you need to connect to tor servers to get into the node network, who’s to say those will remain private? It’s only a matter of how big the „problem“ gets until powerful entities get evolved. Google was also wonderful not so long ago, now it’s rigging results and signing censorship laws with big governments

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