The big secret nobody wants to tell | Bruce Muzik | TEDxSinCity

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Bruce Muzik presents a riveting talk about the devastating impact that withholding secrets can have on our lives and what to do about it.

Bruce Muzik is a world class trainer and speaker. He is known as the "white man that lived for 6 months in a black ghetto" in post-apartheid South Africa.

His passion is having people experience unprecedented freedom and happiness, through being Authentic.

Find out more about Bruce at .

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28 Kommentare

  1. The true will set you free, and it looks like Mr. Muzik is now free.

  2. Gino Asci sagt:

    Bruce is still telling lies.

  3. Reverend Galerivs sagt:

    wow.. you are so special…

  4. Sort of off topic, maybe, but . . . going from a single white male living alone in his apartment into a neighborhood where everybody eats breakfast out on the street – WTF!?!?!? – and where a little a kid feels /is safe enough to walk up and talk to a total stranger, and it’s considered socially acceptable to do so . . . That in itself is gonna be a life-changer for someone coming from a numbing society. Props to the neighborhood he moved into, that their culture was an ‚alive‘ culture (often the silver lining of abject poverty). If they’d all had white skin but been identical otherwise, they could’ve cured him anyway – not of racism, but of „numbness.“ Maybe we should all eat breakfast in our front yards! Great story. Wonder where the little boy is today?

  5. Ion-Christopher DiMeglio sagt:

    Cool. Keep going – remember there is arrested development.

  6. Richard Fauvelle sagt:

    Good god man what a miss leading title.

  7. Ranginie Chetty sagt:

    well done Bruce

  8. Tomasina Covell sagt:

    Sure like he still lives with the blakes… LOL

    I’ve got less interest in helping the blakes now, they’re all full of BS and just want to run games on you and rip you off.

  9. JD-Hi-Hello sagt:

    Thank you.

  10. Samuel Atkins sagt:

    His wife „amazingly“ met the man of her dreams one week later. Riiiight

  11. Clint Eastwood sagt:

    tell people you are a drug addict and see how they judge, distrust and change on you!!

  12. Cindy Mulvey sagt:

    It Ali about racer?
    That’s the only thing not heard.
    Liberals seem to be racist, after this US election that has been revealed ten fold?

  13. sandra andpatch sagt:

    Ok, I listened up until you told me you cheated on your wife for 3 YEARS! Seriously Red Flag…NARCISSIST. Goodbye 🙂

  14. Daniel Scott sagt:

    Oh my God could this guy be more full of himself. Ugh.

  15. Neil Salmon sagt:

    psychobabble that is a waste to listen to this nonsense .

  16. Eyjolfur Kari sagt:

    „Look they are just like us“

  17. Liberated Amon sagt:

    What did i learn from this talk? South Africans call hoses hose pipes.

  18. J.C. Carter sagt:

    Best piece of advice I ever got is when things feel scary and unsure, that’s exactly when you should take action

  19. Christopher Sample sagt:

    That is awesome. But please don’t abandon your kitty!

  20. rosemery09 sagt:

    take it.

  21. Heyyo EightyFour sagt:

    This is literally me.

  22. Ova Dinova sagt:

    Minimalism & Nonduality are very lucky, you have things to sell.

  23. Sophisticatedphunkvintage Khadijah sagt:

    Christiana Nicole shut up

  24. Ross Catto sagt:

    +Christiana Nicole I stopped reading after the first sentence. Good job wasting your time.

  25. Ms. Chris Cole sagt:

    Ross Catto – Being a victim is a choice. Everything in life is a neutral event – it’s merely our individual perspective that makes it a positive or a negative experience. We as individuals are responsible for the way we respond to perceived negative events. There will always be good and bad – Balance is an undeniable Universal Law. However, we can allow negative experiences to give us the opportunity for growth – to evolve, ascend to a higher conscienceness. Learning compassion towards those that have wronged us is essentially breaking the chain of negativity by leading by example. Reacting aggressively to another that has wronged us does not justify aggressive actions as a response – it creates two hurt sources and the repeated need for revenge. However, choosing integrity and acting from a place of love and compassion for those who feel it’s necessary to act in an uncivilized manner, and present to them a transcendent force – well, that is the only doorway to establishing peace.

    Each wrong doing happens as new generations take place. Eventually it will grow that the wrong doer is the wronged, and the cycle will continue until one chooses to stop it. We live in a time where many want to coexist civilly, however, they don’t have the emotional intelligence or understand the concept of emotional liability to do so. Once society learns how to stop catering to and reacting with their emotions, leading to irrational events – Peace will truly begin to establish.

  26. Ross Catto sagt:

    +Sith’ari Azithoth lol. Just stop Bro.

  27. Ross Catto sagt:

    The crime that has led to people thinking black south Africans are dangerous is a direct result of their land and rights being stolen from them. I.mean what do you expect? It’s really fucked up.

  28. Sarva Yoga sagt:

    Very inspiring. I dont have any secret. But i have a fear: right now i feel stuck and the only way out would be to leave everything i love (sell my apartment, leave my hometown, leave my friends, leave my cat) and try my luck to get a job or start an education elsewhere with that money. But I am AFRAID to leave everything and everyone I love behind, just for the mere „chance“ (not security) of having a better life afterwards.

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