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The ancient arts of Courtesanery and Seduction were once treated as high philosophy, with divine and academic associations. Dr. Seema Anand explores how these narratives have been lost and in the evolution of their vocabulary, the implications have changed. Working with the range of what 'story' can mean to an individual Seema facilitates the learning processes of 'telling', 'listening', 'acknowledging' and 'rejecting' the narratives that make up our lives and our social interactions to enhance communication, build links and open dialogue.

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18 Kommentare

  1. Earthshine Moonshine sagt:

    I think Saree is not seductive or alluring . and how do people with those massive nose rings blow their nose? and why would they wear a nose ring in the first place?

  2. I could watch her talking all day and wouldn’t get enough

  3. Madhup Mohta sagt:


  4. Santhosh Fabre sagt:

    that voice every men could fall for

  5. Ramanan R. V. sagt:

    Siva married mother earth???? Is she confusing shiva with Vishnu?

  6. vinayak gupta sagt:

    Incredible ….can i please know the references of the first half!

  7. sam appadurai sagt:

    good story. don’t please how you create story like that

  8. Jonayed Ahamed sagt:

    she already seduce me with her word & body language…

  9. Fafi Sporter sagt:

    I never Want any girl In my life like Her
    I hate This woman
    No matter how much She is educated
    She have no beauty

  10. vishal Kewlani sagt:

    I think a girl should dress like her, move her hairs like her, talk like her and give expressions like her. these mst be the 4 out of 64. A man can easily be seduced this way even at a public place

  11. Zeeshan Rafique sagt:


  12. Pecial Dahal sagt:

    Can anyone tell me about which book she is talking about

  13. Aravind M S sagt:

    Do any University provide Bachelors in this art??

  14. Rishi Khettry sagt:

    Dr. Seema Anand, help us all with the name of the books and the author which dwells into moon and their phase with the women ’s body part. It would be interesting readers digest. Anyone who knows this?

  15. Glenda Biagtan sagt:


  16. Shemoth Kunjhan sagt:

    Why did the British ever come to India???

  17. daga baaz sagt:

    she is amazing

  18. I wonder if she has any books written about this, I’d definitely love to read it!

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