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TEDx Puget Sound speaker – Simon Sinek – Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

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24 Kommentare

  1. Dan Capson sagt:

    Some people are earlier adopters because they want the status of being first – some do it because they „believe“ some do it cause they want others to believe they are hip or cool or ahead of the curve…

  2. Sarrah Sakarwala sagt:

    Thank u Simon. ..I’m from India and this speech was awesome. So inspiring!! So true. I’m a dental surgeon and I’m going to implement what you said from NOW THANKS

  3. Mystifier Tcac sagt:

    I guess every celebrity stupidly talking about what they beleive in now took your advice

  4. Paul Olivier sagt:


  5. Videoteca de OLi sagt:

    Charlatan noun [ C ]
     UK ​ /ˈʃɑː.lə.tən/ US ​ /ˈʃɑːr.lə.t̬ən/ disapproving
    a person who pretends to have skills or knowledgethat they do not have,especially in medicine.

  6. Darth Vader sagt:

    Simon cynic?

  7. Stephen Chase sagt:

    This can even explain why Trump won over Clinton.

  8. Ydi Horem sagt:

    I knew he was going to win, the simple fact that he knows how to do money

  9. Can’t edit these things. : ( „control“ „Wing ribs“ not wing rings. Sigh. It should be noted that the Langley’s physical calculation of wing surface area and the analog dragon-fly design were ingenius. Along with his dihedral and steel tube construction. It was a great concept much stronger than most understand. It also had a bottom rudder, so despite those who claim it was unsteerable, in fact it was steerable. Langley was obsessed with safety, that is why he insisted on the houseboat launch catapult–and river landings.

  10. As much as I like Sinek, his discussion of the Wrights and Langley is almost completely wrong. Langley spent his life on the why, and even engineered the first powered aircraft to fly under stable controll in 1896. Charles Manly built the first radial engine almost four-times more powerful than Charles Taylor’s (again, the real reason the Wright’s flew was because of Taylor’s genius.). As his grant funding was exhausted, Langley felt forced to demonstrate the Aerodrome as soon as he get it repaired, but it took several hours of assembly and wind conditions deteriorated. Most agree the Aerodrome’s catapult bent the tail of the aircraft and caused it to careen into the water. It was an engineering marvel. As a matter of fact, Langley crated and stored the aircraft at his own expense after the last failed launch. Curtiss did fly it later, mostly repairing it with cheaper and heavier parts (non-hollowed wing rings; canvas instead of oiled silk. The Wrights actually kept their flight secret until they could commercially exploit it. The Wrights being first in the air had consequences for the entire American industry–slowed by insipid patent fights and unending legal batteles until the government intervened on the eve of America’s entry into WW I. Langley’s most deeply held dream was to prove that powered, manned flight was possible–aside from the „cube“ power theorists and physics naysayers. He died a broken man in 1906. This nano biography from Simon is highly unfait to the man and his legacy. The reality is, the media who followed Langled exulted in his his failure. The scathing and ill-informed quotes of the time have to be read to be appreciated–enough to kill the spirit of any man. Thank God for Glen Curtiss. Curtiss‘ story is actually more rousing and „why“ centered than the Wrights.

  11. Phil Smith sagt:

    And Steve Jobs’s death, Tim Cook took over Apple, and they forgot the „Why“… now the COO is a Super-COO, and the only matter that count for him: profits.

  12. kcirtap2012 sagt:


  13. ahmed saad sagt:

    yes its secret of success people are not interested in what you say they are are interested i n what they believe

  14. Clifford Rainwater sagt:

    I believe knowing your core values and working from the inside out makes life meaningful.

  15. Fake Account sagt:

    This changed my life

  16. Laughing Ninja-Mom sagt:

    Great insights! Thanks!

  17. M.J. Hansford sagt:

    EXCELLENT Thank you Simon for recreating it …

  18. Took me 20 times to understand 80% of this talk (:

  19. Grant Newton sagt:

    I disliked this video because „all the great leaders think, act, and communicate the exact same way and it’s the complete opposite to everyone else“ (2:00)

  20. William Dennison sagt:

    Who in the world is comfortable buying security compromised out of the box Apple products? Just crazy talk.

  21. Ethos – Pathos – Logos. The Greek described the golden circle a long time back

  22. ColemanStanton sagt:

    Not being a Clinton or politician definitely helped it cause. Mix it with your point of Trump started with the Why and so on and so on and you have Trump as the president of the United States.

  23. VINZ BROWN sagt:

    casualsuede goooood stuffff

  24. casualsuede sagt:

    People are going to hate this, but this video is the reason why Donald Trump won.

    He started with the Why (Make America Great Again), laid it out with the How (break trade deals, build walls, etc) and the What was the RESULT.

    Hillary started with the What (I want to be President of the United States), her How was her tactics (If I hear any more about her strategies around BIG DATA, the Grassroots Ground Game, Pollsters, Advertising plans and spend I’m gonna puke) and her only WHY was that IF NOT HER, IT WILL BE HIM.

    Not too inspiring. Meanwhile Donald didn’t spend that much, had tens of thousands come to his rallies, and stayed on theme (while the news thought he was being crazy and off topic, he was actually making alot of sense to his base). His ground game was lacking, but it didn’t need to be good, because he had loyal and dedicated voters.

    Sadly to say, the way he ran his campaign was more like how MLK Jr ran his movement. Igniting the base with the WHY and having them spread the word.

    While to me, it looked like more of an Agent Smith from the third Matrix movie (I’m not a fan of his), there is no denying that he was the better strategist because he knew that this elections was going to be around ideology, not tactics.

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