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„Something Just Like This“ – The Chainsmokers & Coldplay (Piano Cover) – Costantino Carrara

„Who Else Wants To Discover the Astonishingly Simple Secrets to Mastering The Piano… in Less Than 30 Days – Guaranteed!“


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  1. Pianissimo sagt:

    Zainab Donghae Hey 🙂 I played Despacito and shared the sheet music too, enjoy! ♡

  2. Hamzi Zaim sagt:

    celtic jersey?

  3. OneCapital Gaming sagt:

    Costantino Carrara Music I

  4. I love this

  5. tony caraveo sagt:

    Costantino Carrara Music ddd

  6. tony caraveo sagt:

    Costantino Carrara Music ddddddd

  7. tony caraveo sagt:

    Costantino Carrara Music ddd

  8. Maarten Star-Spider sagt:

    DheerajMahraMusic. Nice. I love coldplay too. He is the best.

  9. Maarten Star-Spider sagt:

    Yeah,Shubham Periwal. It wil always be it! Coldplay is THE Best! (Only his songs can sheer me up.)

  10. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    A 20% DISCOUNT CODE is available for all the instagram followers to get the sheet music at a low price! Just make sure to follow me on @costantinocarrara and then send me a DM (direct message on ig) to get the code! > http://instagr.am/costantinocarrara

  11. Will trick i

  12. OMG peterso 1 sagt:

    Julia Puszczewicz nhảm lồn..

  13. Jannik2GO {freeMontagen} sagt:

    xXkoaboyXx na Garmisch Halt

  14. xXkoaboyXx sagt:

    Jannik2GO {freeMontagen} und wie nahe ^^

  15. Jannik2GO {freeMontagen} sagt:

    xXkoaboyXx na aber na dran

  16. xXkoaboyXx sagt:

    ja ein Österreicher du a ?

  17. Jasraunak Kohli sagt:

    Costantino Carrara Music okay bro do well 🙂

  18. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    It’s exams time here, I can’t stay 10hrs at the PC for the video editing ahah, don’t worry, that kind of videos will be back very soon 😉

  19. Celia Tung sagt:


  20. Jasraunak Kohli sagt:

    hey what happened to the lights and the amazing videography? this looks a bit rookie.fabulous work otherwise, applause for that!! 🙂

  21. Chris Nguyen sagt:

    Best news I’ve heard all day! <3

  22. DeathAtDawn sagt:

    alright m8 thanks lots!!

  23. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    check the description

  24. DeathAtDawn sagt:

    U inspire so much dude. I used to hate learning piano… But not anymore.

  25. DeathAtDawn sagt:

    Where can i find it?

  26. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    now available! 😀

  27. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    it’s now available!

  28. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    The sheet music of „Something Just Like This“ by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay is now available! ✘ Grab the sheet music here: http://mnot.es/2sIl8Rs :)))

  29. poulaygriyai ' sagt:

    Costantino Carrara Music hello! im french so sorry for the mistakes ^^‘ I’m in love with all your cover and I make a video
    I would take your cover for video is it possible,but I don’t know if I can : …

  30. DeathAtDawn sagt:

    is it possible to get a piano sheet music of this version?

  31. Jannik2GO {freeMontagen} sagt:

    en Österreicher

  32. Tanner Lyche sagt:

    ameen kh you’re a harry wizard

  33. DruMystic Tommy sagt:

    See you my channel -> the chainsmokers ed sheeran marshmello -> drum cover drumpiano

  34. Reinaldi Julianto sagt:

    i love you too

  35. Chris Nguyen sagt:

    Can we get this to 10k likes? I’m tryna get this sheet music!

  36. _Barbara over the moon _ sagt:

    Shubham Periwal hey guys ! I am a modest musician covering songs every Tuesday on my channel and I have abou 275 subscribers, so if you wanna help me grow you can have a nice check at my covers and if you like it you may subscribe not only to make me very happy but also so we can share and talk about music 🙂

  37. markus g.christensen sagt:

    Will trick LOL i do! 😀

  38. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    Esatto, sono italiano! Ti ringrazio 🙂

  39. Sei italiano? Scusa ma non ti conosco, ti ho visto sulla home di YouTube e ora andando a riguardare tutti i tuoi video mi sembri una persona bravissima e creativissima! Complimenti 🙂

  40. Julia Puszczewicz sagt:

    Velox Reaper I think so, but it wouldn’t be as good as Costantino. There is still a lot of work ahead of me.

  41. Velox Reaper sagt:

    Julia Puszczewicz Are you able to play his covers?

  42. Jacob Santel sagt:

    Could you pleaseeee do warriors by imagine dragons

  43. Octavio Ricoveri sagt:

    Gaute Robertsen he already did one

  44. .

  45. creativity = top notch
    skills= god like
    you are a wizard harry.

  46. Robert Klabunde sagt:

    I meant his cover, not the song in itself.

  47. Robert Klabunde sagt:

    This is one of those songs that will be listened to for years to come. Great job Costantino.

  48. xXkoaboyXx sagt:

    Hey i am from austria so pleas dont be to strict with my englisch
    I just wanted to say thank you.
    Thanke you very much for all these cool covers i love them!
    Also thanke you for the Motivation you give to me.
    It is so incredible how you can master the piano and i hob no i wish that i can do it like this in a few years of hard practising and learning.
    I play the piano since 5years and i will do it as long as i can do that is my bigest wish at the moment
    Ps i am 12years old (-=

  49. Gaute Robertsen sagt:

    can you play the scientist by coldplay?

  50. Julia Puszczewicz sagt:

    I love your music! I’m playing the piano for 6 years and I’m really glad when I see people with passion like you, because it’s my motivation. You are my great idol! Greetings from Poland! ❤

  51. Will trick sagt:

    Who else knows that Piano from his „Let her go“ cover ?
    Awesome perfomance by the way 😉

  52. Shubham Periwal sagt:

    Coldplay’s cover songs are best!

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