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  1. Adriana Bloomberg sagt:

    Her product is not the best. It’s not a „new“ idea.

  2. Barbara: I’m not gonna make you an offer, so I am out.

  3. Youre stupid chick

  4. Nikolas Shaghasvili Johannessen sagt:

    There is a suprising lack of barbara comments and for that reason i am out.

  5. Bonnie Huang thought Korea was 1 country

  6. Bonnie Huang sagt:

    ` ‚ two countries, two very different legal systems.

  7. Bonnie Huang didn’t think the laws would be so different if you go more to the south

  8. Bonnie Huang sagt:

    Are you talking about North Korea? I am sure this guy is South Korean, bro.

  9. ProChessPlayer sagt:

    Barbara called in to announce that she will be out first 20 deals in next season!

  10. Timothy M.A. your comment made me go „HA!“ in the middle of a café. .. they’re staring!!!

  11. How did he leave Korea? I thought Korea residents couldn’t leave the country, did Wikipedia lie to me

  12. Cajeah Bryan sagt:


  13. Barb will never grow if she doesn’t invest

  14. Aryaman Pachori sagt:

    future Programmer They will get that much profit from the equity too which means lesser for the main…. equity holders.

  15. NerfTheForce sagt:

    Its probably fake

  16. Kurse Doomsayer sagt:

    Body language, assertiveness, confidence. That guy had it all mastered, he was discussing a 500k$ deal with 0 sales and got a great deal! I’m pretty sure that guy could buy your car from you and resell it to you with a profit

  17. rupeshsatishpawar sagt:

    I am out because ur not even talking to me

  18. Juan D Estrada sagt:

    im 31 and sometimes make 200 bucks a month….

  19. El KHALIFA sagt:

    Barbara: I’m going to give you an offer…. $5 for 100% of the company
    Pitcher: I can’t accept that, that’s just a stupid offer
    Barbara: And for that reason I’m out

  20. Douglas Schultz sagt:

    I’m thinking about it as a $60,000 lesson fee to try and get richer in the long-run and learn business from a shark at the same time.

  21. Account Deleted sagt:

    TOOR is dead in the water.
    Real Estate is an industry which is moving fast with VR.
    From the comfort of your current residence.. you can take a tour of a location in any part of the world. From the sellers perspective exists the biggest reason why it makes sense. NO ONE ever enters your home and you simply need to make time for one open house when the agent takes the footage.
    Keeping you in full control and privacy of your living space while it is on the market. Of course, serious buyers would then seek to have real life tours but the fact that you have eliminated NON serious buyers from entering your home is a major win.

  22. BHAVIN DXB sagt:

    h0td0g upload more it’s good quality

  23. BHAVIN DXB sagt:

    Raskolnikov32 culture less America

  24. silem Bochum sagt:

    Timo Canto except no

  25. Lara Zegers sagt:

    andy joe me too!

  26. zak Ogilvie sagt:

    AntonioKowatsch 16 not 60 isn’t it?

  27. Prague Persona sagt:

    Loved Fawlty Towers. Dunno how we got here, cos ‚it fits on‘ is perfectly good English lol.

  28. youre only 17 relax bro

  29. Timothy M.A. sagt:

    Barbara: I’m not out, so I’m in, and for that reason, I’m out.

  30. anil chauhan sagt:

    and i am watching it from india

  31. Octavian Caesar Hibernicus sagt:

    Matthias Cieslik „don’t mention the war I mentioned it once but i think I got away with it“……youre probably too young to know that! Google it.

  32. How is it 60k? Its only 2%

  33. future Programmer plus the fact they now have an amazing connection in which they are set for life. worst comes to worst they can get an amazing job either from the shark or from the sharks good word and references … so many opportunities and yes like buddy said no matter the percent (unless illogical due to situation) they have a shark. Wicked opportunity . but I would never take these guys opinions to absolute heart for some of these businesses. Some yes as they are horrible and as Kevin says they are a „cockroach“ but for the great businesses who deserve it but are shut down due to low sales etc because they are a starting business (hence why they are asking for help) I hope they leave truly still motivated and not let some rich guys and gals sway your life. unless you’re A wacky 65 year old with some horrid business idea.

  34. morchedrid sagt:

    It doesn’t happen if you don’t apply yourself;)

  35. Berendsen sagt:


  36. it is if i’m not wrong. all ads money goes to the company. LOL! i dont make a single cent from this. as i said i uploaded this for personal viewing and its blocked in majority of the countries. so there that. 😀

  37. AntonioKowatsch sagt:

    LOL, that kid is 60 000 dollars into debt hahahaha

  38. TheRealSeal sagt:

    h0td0g how is this not copyright? lol

  39. Well, he sold himself.

  40. Finally good video quality !! good job

  41. McChicken Grip sagt:

    someone call the police, i think this old dude is cranking up the kid with cocaine.

  42. I am Aslan sagt:

    you damm right

  43. Jim Smith sagt:

    +Nawaf Aldweesh
    Now, actually only unlocking the door once they get a clear face picture,   that is a good security feature and a good reason to carry the camera,  and they should actually think about having the technology

         But to have the camera just to deter,  that is not.

  44. Nawaf Aldweesh sagt:

    Timo Canto All the banks use security cameras, don’t they know the robbers will wear masks ? Of course they do, does that mean they’re wasting their money? Of course they’re not, its additional security feature. Also the technology meanwhile have the ability to recognize humans faces and finger prints .
    They also could unlock the door manually if they receive a clear face picture.

  45. Jim Smith sagt:

    Great idea! Especially when the person (who obviously was already planning on getting into the house for nefarious reasons, correct?) wears a hoody or something else to block their face.

    It is obvious they already know about the technology and know they can get a key, which also means they know there is a camera, which also means they know to cover their face.

    Not a good idea, and you are just adding another cost to the device.

  46. Andre Brito sagt:

    Well he got a deal without a sale so…….

  47. thank you for 100k views! I uploaded this episode for personal viewing pleasure as this was one of the best episode in a LONG time with 4 legit straight good business idea. (ok maybe not the kid) Enjoy!

  48. President Donald Fucking TRUMP!!!! sagt:

    call of kys I’m 24 n this comment is from my Jail cell Jesus..

  49. what is wrong with it fits on?

  50. loved the korean guy dedication to life & growth…. bravo….

  51. Raskolnikov32 sagt:

    No wonder America’s fucked, even the super rich business guys can’t listen to each other.

  52. future Programmer sagt:

    johnny cash exactly they don’t get it. and the sharks will help them 10 times more when they have the extra equity

  53. Ivan Drago sagt:

    some people are so stupid. 2% 5% who cares the shark tank going to make u rich dummies

  54. Farzaan Ali sagt:

    his delivery was impeccable

  55. and a GPS to track it when stolen

  56. call of kys sagt:

    Dude that kids 10 and making thousands,
    Meanwhile I’m seven years OLDER then him, and making £120 every fortnight from a part time JOB!
    Jesus Christ

  57. Matthias Cieslik sagt:


  58. you welcome. i actually uploaded this for myself and i believe due to copyright claims a number of countries are number to view this video. glad that u can watch this. this was one of the best episodes in a long time.

  59. I don’t understand why he is the greatest salesman ever. He seemed pretty standard for this show.

  60. Matthias Cieslik sagt:

    „It fits on“ – from that point on I knew – She is a German“ NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN XD (I am, too)

  61. Nawaf Aldweesh sagt:

    They should add a lil security camera at the lock that sends a picture of that person who entering the property.

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