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  1. Riad is just a naïve crazy Saudi guy.

  2. Mr Wonderful is the mother fucking man

  3. BeatboxSkitGaming sagt:

    14:02 Daymond’s look got me dead

  4. Misimaro Memes sagt:

    its actually stupid on a potato lmao

  5. Konrad von Marburg sagt:

    I think Lori should have offered to buy half the company. She could then have bought another 5% in the next 3 months and owned a controlling interest in the company. The business needs rebranding, and Lori was the only one who could have helped them; namely by taking control.

  6. Konrad von Marburg sagt:

    Kevin is the hand of the alt-right @ 6:15

  7. Rovshan Akbarov sagt:

    „I would rather work 80 hours a week to make 50K and work for myself than have a 75-100k job to work for someone else“ ))) that was good one!)

  8. bratha nice sagt:

    the potato guys they simply just went there to entertain the sharks that is if they hadn’t smoked some weed but they did sound more like Jimmy kimmel

  9. I’ve seen many vids of shorts with sharks arguing but this one never until watching this episode. Have to agree with Kevin, the sharks didn’t put their money where there mouth is.

  10. how did that guy get 800k again?

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