Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 19

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Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 19 The only one in HD.

11 Kommentare

  1. Galen Marek sagt:

    These „sharks“ may be efficient and they sure know a lot about business but character wise they are just disgusting.

  2. Veracious one sagt:

    +halfvolley11 Young hot women with old rich men are both using each other lol, the man uses her youth and body/beauty the woman uses his wealth. Which is fine, I got no issues against an honest business exchange, there are other things in relationships though, love, loyalty, trust, emotions, sincerity, soulmates etc and genuine happiness. Everything has a risk, relationships or even breathing, we might be breathing viruses right now that could kill us, it doesnt mean we stop breathing. Besides if you learn psychometrics, how to read microexpressions, and how to detect personality disorders its pretty easy to read a man or woman inside out, far less risk in relationships then. Vast majority of western women have been brainwashed by feminism to believe equality is acting like a man and thus they go against their own biology and end up miserable, so I don’t blame anyone for staying away from relationships or ending up in movements like mgtow.

  3. halfvolley11 sagt:

    Maybe I do not have full scientific proof, but why bother take the risk at all? Look at businesswomen in America. Most of them are single, divorced and has kids. Look at the rich guys. They have young wives from Mexica, Asia and Eastern Europe. Just google rich old man with super hot girl. So many. . Why? Men will always be men. They want to feel like King which women do not understand.

  4. Veracious one sagt:

    +halfvolley11 you make some good points, you should realise causation and correlation aren’t the same thing though. Women as a species tend to be hypergamous so if the male is the same level or higher than the woman they will be fine. Also 40+ women tend to be the richest, smartest and most educated this is also the time when women’s oxytocin levels start dropping and other hormonal issues hence much more likely to not feel good in the marriage, less love and less likely to resolve issues. Now pair this with a guy who isn’t equipped to deal with all these issues and you have a nightmare. I don’t blame women or men for this, I blame lack of understanding of evolutionary biology and neurobiology.

  5. Juan Sanchez sagt:

    Its available in 720p. Getter better internet if you want HD.

  6. HD quality??? where???

  7. MojoRisin sagt:

    she’s another idol to have. she has a practice, she’s got kids to care for, AND she’s starting a business. i am rooting for her.

  8. Konstantinos Salonitis sagt:

    The billboard guys went for the WORST deal ever . . . 8% interest AND 10% of their company lol

  9. ben youngman sagt:

    Barbara is so full of crap, she is quick to open her mouth but not her checque book

  10. Ibanezguitars sagt:


  11. Jamal Amir sagt:

    my goodness is that opthamologist gorgeous or what?

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