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  1. Huzar1683 sagt:

    The american version is so dry and boring, Australian Shark tank is way better

  2. Connor Mcguire sagt:

    Auto Pilot last tuesday

  3. Ahmad idheileh sagt:

    Put it at full screen don’t think your special

  4. Great Dragon sagt:

    yeah cutie 🙂 was awkward

  5. Murtuza Bhabhrawala sagt:

    Camille Robinson yeah that was awkward.

  6. Kambiz Garoussi sagt:

    Thanks for the post, for your future posting please lose the moving wallpaper, it’s so distracting and I bet it’s harmful too

  7. Auto Pilot sagt:

    When did this first air on American tv?

  8. Delwin Nhliziyo sagt:

    iconic implant… the idea has lots of grey areas medically.

  9. Camille Robinson sagt:

    „I’d like to thank yall for letting me take a dip in your tank. I hope you don’t bite.“ *awkward silence* LOL!!!

  10. BostonCasey sagt:

    „Pies for good grades“! I wish this guy was my dad, lol.

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