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  1. Sean Hart sagt:

    If you have to get your partner to tell you your strong and smart and brilliant…. your weak!

  2. Emil Dorneanu sagt:

    You don’t give away that much of your company in the beginning. They have no control whatsoever and they still do not get it. SMH

  3. Shannon Louise i agree

  4. Shannon Louise sagt:

    because theyre marketing the dolls as multicultural. Those dolls are not multicultural. They represent one culture, and not even wide variations of that culture. They’re all skinny, black, and female.

  5. Gonzalo Galleguillos sagt:

    5:09 most fake laugh

  6. how is it weird or not okay to want dolls that are not white??

  7. Konrad von Marburg sagt:

    I wanted to give that Naturally Perfect Dolls company 20 million dollars. I love the spread of propaganda through toys. Start the propaganda-feeding early.

  8. Like multicultural dolls really?, just join the sjw queue over there please…

  9. tatiana brown sagt:

    The doll woman seemedsnobbish to me,despite her trying to play the victim.

  10. Brutal Dominator sagt:

    Haha ‚Stitched by Italian virgins‘. Wtf Kevin. Although, Kevin always tells the truth.

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