Car Crashes Time

Road Rage Fight and Crash compilation #53

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Music intro/outro: Tab and Anitek – Reconstruct.

03:19 Road Rage
03:34 Fight
07:45 Car crash
08:12 Accidents with pedestrians
09:55 Truck crashes


35 Kommentare

  1. Where is the „other“ 53?. This must 54.

    1. truck had created the disaster in the right moment, at the other end may not be removed because it

    1. Good thing one of the aggressors got ran over, I would have kicked it in reverse and gave him another spin of the tires

    2. At least one of those idiots got ran over. I hope that he got injured.

  2. Is just incredible how stupid that people is …

  3. If I go to Russia I will rent a tank ♥

    1. +Ebtnah You had misunderstood me. I`m Ukrainian, and I`m very sad because of this situation. Our army can`t restrain Russians for long time. In a few months they will destroy us, and probably move into Belarus, or even Baltic states.

    2. +YonOtto  That is not true.  Some of us do care.

    3. Tank rent is too big, better take MI-24 or KA-50, it’s cheaper…

  4. Russia is like the U.S., the rules only apply to everyone else. Pass into on coming traffic? Done!

    1. America has designated stretches of road for that

  5. @ 09:20 he managed to prevent a crash with a red light runner, then comes a second one……thats so unfair

  6. co 2 wypadek umyślnie spowodował Najważniejsze dla mnie będzie szybko, bo po 2 dwa tygodnie w więzieniu

  7. After watching the first 52, I’ve noticed a couple of real strange consistencies: #1) A vast majority of these accidents happen as a result of a LEFT turn. (somewhere in the area of 70-80%) and secondly when a car begins to make its left turn into opposing traffic, it almost always does so slowly and just like a deer frozen in the headlights, they just continue….slowly…until they are hit even when the opposing traffic is coming at them at highway speeds. Weird.

    1. alot of the crashes are at left turns cause thay have no idea they have to wait for the oncoming traffic to pass first, because in Russia u can buy a driving licence

    2. alot of the crashes are at left turns cause thay have no idea they have to wait for the oncoming traffic to pass first, because in Russia u can buy a driving licence

  8. Im starting to think that Russians get a tax break for every Lada they T-bone. Seriously, those things just cannot get through a intersection.

  9. 2:08 I love that guys laugh! As you do when just had a car accident!

  10. Maïlys BOILEAU-FERRANDIS sagt:

    please, what is the music at 21″ ? My brain is freezing.

  11. Difference between Western and Russian mindsets:
    West: I’ll slow down, honk, and flick off the other driver to let them know I am serious.
    Russia: I’ll go faster and curse them out to let them know who is boss.

    Russians are just hyper-aggressive jerks it seems, I don’t ever seen people start throwing punches here in the states when people get cut off/almost crash/crash (At least in the ~25 states I have been through/lived in).

  12. Против Глобал sagt:

    5:15 run them over! Cunts! Real heroes 4 vs 2.

    1. Против Глобал sagt:

      +Против Глобал

      And that is why you should always have a tire wrench on hand. Because there will always be some imbeciles who will try to kill you for a simple fender bender. Just brake their skulls.

  13. 3:34 They were angry eachother for not having had a crash.

  14. What’s with Russians and „oyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoy“. LOL

  15. @ 7:38 why? Why would you even attempt to do that? Idiot.

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