Reid Hoffman’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@reidhoffman)

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He’s an American Internet entrepreneur, venture capitalist and author.

He’s the co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn.

He has an estimated net worth of $4.6 billion USD.

He’s Reid Hoffman and here are his Top 10 Rules for Success.

1. Shoot for something large
He graduated from Stanford University in 1990.

2. Have a „crazy“ idea
He went on to earn an M.A. in Philosophy from Wolfson College.

3. Build a great team
While in college, he formed a conviction that he wanted to influence the state of the world on a large scale.

4. Look for disruptive change
He joined Apple Computer in 1994, where he worked on eWorld.

5. Break through the noise
While at SocialNet, he was a member of the board of directors during the founding of PayPal.

6. Get feedback
He was LinkedIn’s founding CEO for the first four years before becoming chairman and President.

7. Maintain flexible persistence
After the PayPal sale to eBay, he became one of Silicon Valley’s most successful angel investors.

8. Stay on the right path
He arranged the first meeting between Zuckerberg and Thiel, which led to $500,000 angel investment in Facebook.

9. Fail fast
His current investments include Airbnb, One Kings Lane, Swipely, Viki and

10. Plan for both good and bad luck
His book, The Alliance, became a New York Times bestseller.


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  1. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Perhaps he learned that from him. Thanks for the comment and for watching. #BTA336 Shine

  2. Half of these are Peter Thiel ideas.

  3. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Glad to know you learned a lot from our videos MeyoStyle. 🙂 All the best to you! #BelieveNation #BTA297 Shine

  4. Well I like the idea of planning for good luck and back luck. Its a very smart point! Thanks Evan I have been watching your videos and learn a lot. 🙂

  5. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    We have him on our to do list. 🙂 #BTA Luka

  6. Yeah and vote democrat so you can grease Hilary’s skids.

  7. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    We have him on our to do list. 🙂 Thank you for the suggestion! #BTA195 Luka

  8. Zheng Xuan sagt:

    It’s wonderful 10 since I just read his book „startup of u“. Even thank you so much for doing this. would you please do a Evan Spiegel 10s? That will be amazing.

  9. Please do a top 10 of Elliott Hulse.

  10. Joel Akwenuke-Hale sagt:

    Evan, I love your channel! Please, please do one on Paul Graham the Y-combinator founder. I think he deserves 11 rules 🙂

  11. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    +Jaafar Hamza Thanks Jaafar 🙂 #BTA134

  12. Raphael Gilson sagt:

    Thank you so much, all your videos are great sources of inspiration!

  13. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    +Raphael Gilson They are all on our to do list. Thank you for the great suggestions, and thanks for watching! 🙂 #BTA131 Luka

  14. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    +Russell’sWoodShed Thank you for the support, and thanks for watching! 🙂 #BTA130 Luka

  15. Raphael Gilson sagt:

    In my opinion, here are some people you could do a „10 rules for success video“:

    1) Jamie Dimon (CEO JPMorgan)
    -> great speech :
    2) Leonardo Di Caprio
    3) Carlos Ghosn (CEO of Renault-Nissan Alliance)
    4) Carlos Slim
    -> great speech:
    5) Darren Hardy (author of Compound Effect)
    6) Eric Schmidt (Google)
    7) Evan Spiegel (Snapchat)
    8) John C. Maxwell (Leadership)
    9) Bill Ackman (Hedge fund)
    10) Al Pacino
    11) Robert De Niro

    Keep going, your videos are amazing!

  16. Russell'sWoodshed sagt:

    Evan is sick and he still shows up. That is a video idea right there. Get it done no matter the obstacles.

  17. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    +John Fontana Thanks for sharing with us, John, and thank you for watching! #BTA127 Luka

  18. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    +Jeremy Holloway Dave Ramsey is on our to do list. Thank you for the suggestion, and thanks for watching! 🙂 #BTA127 Luka

  19. Evan Carmichael sagt:

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  21. Evan Carmichael sagt:

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  23. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    +ibandon That’s good to hear! 🙂 He’s really awesome, indeed. Thank you for sharing, and thanks for watching! #BTA125 Luka

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  25. Evan Carmichael sagt:

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  26. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    +English Education That’s awesome to hear! 🙂 Glad you’re feeling inspired by our content! Thank you for watching. 🙂 #BTA124 Luka

  27. John Fontana sagt:

    my favorite ones build a great team and plan for good luck and bad thank you.

  28. Jeremy Holloway sagt:

    Dave Ramsey Please : )

  29. Steve Irwin ;))))

  30. Alangara Abishek sagt:

    Evan do a top 10 on the Naruto series
    It has thought me a lot of life lessons .
    listen to the song „Naruto-Wind by Akeboshi“ to get a taste of what I said.

  31. Chris Ochs sagt:

    Great video, Evan! I have been watching these top 10s for a while and really enjoy the format and points from all of these great entrepreneurs! The big take away I got was staying on the right path, it can be tough when there are not always blue skies, but when most people quit is when you need to keep pushing. Thanks for all that you do!

  32. Jaafar Hamza sagt:

    Liked your channel. Just small point that will make difference. Put the points larger than the current one, cause it’s too small when you use your mobile to watch these videos. Either you can put it in a strip line one by one, and the end of video, you can put all points together. Which is makes the points more visibility and memorable. Thank you again

  33. R.LALITH PAVAN sagt:

    can you try conan O’Brien

  34. Brandon Sanchez Rojas sagt:

    Wow this is a really good one. Very smart guy. I like how he aggressively pushes his way to success. it’s what I think is right for me.

  35. Alejandro Lobo sagt:

    thank you very much evan for these great videos. god bless you. I’d appreciate you make these top ten rules for Herb Kelleher Ex. CEO of sowthwest airlines. regards

  36. I don’t usualy comment but keep up the good work. Your videos are awesome! Thanks for the motivation!

  37. English Education sagt:

    once again, another amazing motivational video! Evan God bless you!

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