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Real Time Challenge HIIT Workout (24 MINUTES…WILL YOU MAKE IT?)

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This real time challenge HIIT workout is 24 minutes long! Will you make it through the entire real time workout? Give it a try and find out. This is a challenging 20 minute hiit workout, so please take rest as needed so you don’t injure yourself.

For this realtime workout we have a series of 8 exercises. You’ll do the entire 8 exercise series a total of 3 times to complete the entire 24 minute hiit workout challenge. For each exercise in this realtime hiit workout, you’ll do 10 seconds of rest followed by 50 seconds of work.

Here are the exercises that make up this real time hiit workout:

1) Jumping Dragon Walk
2) 180 Degree Touchdowns
3) Jump Rope
4) Superman Power Up
5) Squats with a Sandbag
6) Jump Rope
7) Pushup with Tuck Back
8) Over Unders

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20 Kommentare

  1. Enjoying the real time workouts, please add more!

  2. Ok, starting to want one of those sandbags. I’ve seen you use them a couple times now so far. lol. Thanks for the workout! =]

  3. timbuktuguam timbuktuguam sagt:

    More realtime workouts please!!! love it!! thank you!!

  4. I don’t work out as I used to, but I’m a 51 years old, and I did get it done!!!! Thank you Melissa Loja  =)

  5. It was great working out with you! I made it through only 20 min, but I’ll be back for more!

  6. LOVED IT! Genuinely challenging.

  7. Hi Melissa, this workout is maniac. You have just successfully „killed“ me. 😛

  8. Great workout! I loved it that Melissa couldn’t do everything either. 😀

  9. I miss these SO much! So excited to do this +Athlean-XX for Women 

  10. Great to see you again. As always a great session.

  11. OMG so much sweat pouring off me.  Can’t do all the advanced versions but something to work towards.  Awesome as always! 

  12. Arms killer! 🙂 Those dragon walks are pretty hard, but I feel great after the workout. I hope you keep posting those full routines, I always enjoy your workouts.

  13. Love it too, thanks , great workout

  14. You’re welcome! 🙂

  15. +Melissa Ioja It’s because it’s real, whether your dog urinates in the background without you knowing it. (Remember that? lol) to your kids making a cameo. I love all your workouts from HBM to BR to Athlean XX. They are all challenging and fun but there is something organic about just you, your camera and your yard. It’s really like working out with a friend.

  16. Yay! Loved it! It was very challenging but I smashed it 🙂 Thanks Melissa for always bringing it hardcore! Looking forward to your next real time backyard workout!

  17. It’s funny how much people like them in my good old back yard! 🙂

  18. yayyyy!!!! the RT backyard workout with MELISSA!!!  Thanks girly. 

  19. Thank You, Thank You, for giving us more workouts in your backyard, I hope it’s not the last one……

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