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Perfect Butt Workout (5 MOVES FOR UPPER GLUTES!!)

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This perfect butt workout contains 5 moves for the upper glutes. It’s the best workout for a perfect butt because you can add it on to the end of a leg or butt workout from the women’s ATHLEAN-XX program found at to help round out your shape. This workout contains 5 upper butt exercises that you will do for a specified number of reps each.

These perfect butt exercises work the upper glutes exclusively and all can be done from the floor. If you like you can do the entire best butt workout up to three times through.

Here are the glutes exercises in this perfect butt workout:

1) Hip Raises on a Bosu (15 reps)
2) One Foot Jumping Glutes Bridges (15 reps each side)
3) Froggies (30 reps)
4) Open Hip Raises (15 reps)
5) Knee Touching Hip Raises (15 reps)

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  2. I’m a guy

  3. I’m a guy and I watch this, is that ok?

  4. Why do people say such negative things? I don’t understand the purpose.

  5. Great workout, thank you!

  6. Are you Jeff Cavalier’s wife?

  7. people use your imagination. A kids saucer snow sled, curved big round lid from a kitchen wok. A foam roll, a deflated exercise stability ball, etc. Make your own „bosu“ .

  8. How many times a week we practice this exercise

  9. Your workout so hard,I can’t keep up..

  10. the thumbnail got me

  11. You’re beautiful <3

  12. can everyone change their shape drastically

  13. Juliet: You are correct: Some of these moves and squats can really mash one’s knees. The aspect of the weight workout is that many exercise in a stationary manner; they are not runners, for they couldn’t run with pounded knees.

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  17. This hurts my knees ?

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