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While few of us will ever take on the ambitious challenge of learning four foreign languages in a year, many of us yearn to be more proficient in another language. The secret to success as it turns out is simpler than you think.

Scott Young is a blogger, speaker and author. He previously spoke at TEDx EastsidePrep about his project “The MIT Challenge” to self-test MIT’s undergraduate computer science curriculum in one year, using their freely available information. His most recent project was with Vat Jaiswal, traveling to four countries, learning languages, with the goal of not speaking English for an entire year. He writes about learning and self-education at his website,

Vat Jaiswal is a graduate student, aspiring architect and filmmaker. His most recent project was with Scott Young on The Year Without English, where he traveled through Spain, Brazil, China, Taiwan and Korea creating four short documentaries on language learning and cultural immersion. He shares his work, including experimental time-lapse photography and an interview series with successful architects, at

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

24 Kommentare

  1. wow

  2. jianmin yang sagt:

    you did it, a good start is a half of the success.

  3. Василий Рак sagt:

    good and interesting idea how to learn new language. This boys give us idea from their own experience.

  4. Finally- a video with a beginning that has OOMPH!

  5. I can understand his Chinese well,even he doesn’t sound like a Chinese guy.好的开始是成功的一半,let’s start now!!!!!

  6. Hi! Looking for someone to practice Spanish with. My first language is English and I am willing to help anyone who wants to learn.

  7. Muhammad Gataev sagt:

    that’s so difficult when you can’t find someone who would help you with your bad English.

  8. RIPxBlackHawk sagt:

    This is a horrible presentation

  9. Zenytram Searom sagt:

    long video short, go to I talk

  10. Vijaytvbiggboss

  11. Stan Dando sagt:

    I like the ethos that mustve inspired your tour. As for the language learning… learn Greek, then you can teach people how to learn languages. Until you can speak fluid, comfortable Greek, you don’t know what youre dealing with by saying ‚Any‘ language.

  12. Bill Armstrong sagt:

    It is a lot easier to learn to read a language than to communicate in it. I read books in French, but when I hear people speak it, I can barely understand a word.

  13. mic jordan sagt:

    But what if you do t understand the grammar rules? A dictionary can help for individual words but what about sentences that will actually be comprehended

  14. I’ve been to Spain many times and hablo poco Espaniol, but I find that in tourist resorts the people speak English and are impatient when you try to communicate in Spanish, it’s a blessing when you find a helpful person who will help and correct your efforts.

  15. Kitten Lyric sagt:

    yeah, if I won the lottery, I would move to Germany and then learn by immersion but I am here in the states so then it is hopeless?

  16. Mr. Heckles sagt:

    If you want to learn Turkish I can help you. Comment here.

  17. Ednei Alves sagt:

    O cara parece o Zezé de Camargo!

  18. Samuel Freitas sagt:

    Is this guy at right the same that taken MIT for self-study?

  19. Lovely Life sagt:

    Saaammmeeee xD
    And I use Memrise too!

  20. Hopeful Bunny sagt:


  21. CaribbeanARMY4_LIFE sagt:

    Shylah Simms Hey fam!!!

  22. Shylah Simms sagt:

    CaribbeanARMY4_LIFE hi fellow army!!!

  23. CaribbeanARMY4_LIFE sagt:

    Hopeful Bunny SAMMMMEEE!!!

  24. Hopeful Bunny sagt:

    When they said korean I was like
    f**k they know what i’m here for.

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