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Not a Bad Thing – Justin Timberlake – Piano Cover Video by YourPianoCover

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  1. YourPianoCover sagt:

    Sheets for Not A Bad Thing are now available on my website! 🙂

  2. SubLoader4321 sagt:

    thinking out loud by ed sheeran would be a great song to cover

  3. YourPianoCover sagt:

    I’m afraid not. The only way to get the sheets is to wait until I get permission to share them, and it could unfortunately take a long while 🙁

  4. Inês Tendeiro sagt:

    +YourPianoCover You really should 🙂 Like you said , it’s a really cool song 🙂
    Give it a try :p

  5. hey:) visited ur website but is under construction . is there any way for me to get the music score because i really want it badly . thanks . please reply asap

  6. James Michael Stevens sagt:

    Good job! Like watching you play and the music at the same time!

  7. YourPianoCover sagt:

    Thats a cool song, but it is not that like I will make a cover of it. Thanks for the suggestion though 🙂

  8. Inês Tendeiro sagt:

    Can you do a cover of Who Are You by Fifth Harmony?
    Thank you:)

  9. IcedCherry24 sagt:

    I’ll look forward to it 🙂 you’re welcome!

  10. YourPianoCover sagt:

    Cool suggestion and very fitting. I might do it. Thanks for the suggestion 😉

  11. Willthegooner 14 sagt:

    Could you maybe do summer by Calvin Harris please it would be great!!

  12. YourPianoCover sagt:

    Due to unexpected events this week’s piano cover will be uploaded later today. Until then you could take a look at last week’s cover if you missed out 😉

  13. IcedCherry24 sagt:

    Love Runs Out by OneRepublic!! 

  14. AWESOME! Could you try playing „Love Runs Out“ by OneRepublic? I would be so happy to hear your version! 

  15. Lol now it’s a mini basketball…….

  16. Willthegooner 14 sagt:

    Summer by Calvin Harris!!!please!!

  17. Vitória P. sagt:

    where you get the staves ??? Omggg So perfect

  18. Pwningrhino sagt:

    +YourPianoCover I think that the remix is better than the original, but it would be much easier to do a cover of the original. You can pick either one

  19. YourPianoCover sagt:

    Cool suggestion. Thanks. Do you think the remix is better than the original? Should I make the cover of the remix or the original if I was to make the cover on piano? 

  20. Pwningrhino sagt:

    Stay High (Habits Remix) ft Hippie Sabotage by Tove Lo

  21. YourPianoCover sagt:

    Pretty cool song from last year. It’s not that likely for me to cover, but thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  22. YourPianoCover sagt:

    It’s a bit too old for me to cover. I have made covers of Coldplay’s newer music – A Sky Full of Stars and Magic 🙂

  23. Rafa Llamas sagt:

    Can you make a cover of „love never felt so good“ by michael jackson pleeeaase? It would be amazing!

  24. Coverholics Official sagt:

    Wow. Great coverrrrrrr. I’ve just listened on http://coverholics.com/ I’m so looking forward to your new song.

  25. Brianna Kinzel sagt:

    Yayy! 😀 That was a really good arrangement, good job! 🙂

  26. Nathali Christy sagt:

    I really like your covers! How about Que Sera by Justice Crew?

  27. What About „clocks“ from Coldplay

  28. ThatBearNextDoor sagt:

    Would it be possible to do classic by MKTO? I really like the song but I’d love to hear a piano version

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