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Sam Berns is a Junior at Foxboro High School in Foxboro, Massachusetts, where he has achieved highest honors and is currently a percussion section leader in the high school marching band. He recently achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. Sam was diagnosed with Progeria, a rare, rapid aging disease, at the age of 2. He is featured in the documentary Life According to Sam, which will premiere on HBO on October 21, 2013.

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60 Kommentare

  1. Myrlin187 sagt:

    TotalNick41 His heart wasn’t broken at all, this young man was ALL HEART .Viaos Con Dios big guy!

  2. Myrlin187 sagt:

    Angad Bhargav He IS immortal now we are so much more than the crude flesh that imprisons us all.

  3. befosocial sagt:


  4. kuber cheema sagt:

    what’s even sadder is it was a month after this talk.

  5. Marin Pavešić sagt:

    Emotionless psychopaths

  6. Srawan Lal Acharya sagt:

    exactly , I’m watching it at 1.10 night . I was depressed for sometime but not now

  7. LordOfHaste sagt:

    Don’t put a „lol“ in that sentence, it’s just wrong.

  8. Jean marc Gady sagt:

    How do you know that? Its horrible! Respect!

  9. joyjit chowdhury sagt:

    Big salute Bro keep it up

  10. HaCkEd GaMiNg sagt:

    Rest in peace sam (r.i.p)

  11. TotalNick41 sagt:

    cause of death: broken heart

  12. Karime Colletta sagt:

    Nolan it’s not fair at all.

  13. Jordan Simmons sagt:

    apparently people can’t have their own opinions

  14. Born: October 23, 1996, Providence, RI
    Died: January 10, 2014, Foxborough, MA
    Cause of death: Progeria

    He was 18 when he died, he never got to go into Cellular Biology. The world isn’t a fair place, is it?

  15. Omnia Gomha sagt:

    Did he die

  16. AmaZing Explorer sagt:

    It’s part of a „click farm“

  17. Diane Peiffer sagt:

    Possible because Donald Trump posted on this page.

  18. Shilpa Ranga sagt:

    Lily Han lol

  19. Nick Eman sagt:

    300th like :v

  20. Soulbrother Heuck sagt:

    If I think I am so tall. Nearly 6 foot. But I feel like a nat on backside of an ant when it comes to this young man

  21. Soulbrother Heuck sagt:

    He might be only 50 lb. But he is a giant to me. Very brilliant young man.

  22. Ulricht vonLichtenstein sagt:

    when you are closer to death you have a lot more to say than most

  23. Salad Bomb sagt:

    Well, he is an alien. Just look at him.

  24. He „was“ unfortunately.

  25. Morgan Complex sagt:

    Maybe they just thought the video wasnt made really good, or that it’s boring or „clickbaity“ because of the title.
    Doesn’t have to be about the kid itself

  26. giga niga kys

  27. Krissie iiuuiloppp

  28. Chocolate Marzmallow sagt:

    Hydrogen Peroxide I widely agree with you!

  29. Chocolate Marzmallow sagt:

    Pomtastic Obviously, but my videos won’t have sensitive topics.

  30. Chocolate Marzmallow sagt:

    VilhelmasTDK Doesn’t make sense.

  31. concussed360 sagt:

    no its not but its the infinite diversity of life that makes it worth living. This kid was probably happier during his short life than most of us „regular“ people ever will be. He’s also helped make an impact on so many lives that he literally changed the world…how many of us can say that?

  32. Infinite Suns Shining Bright ETERNALLY sagt:

    That kid deserved more than a happy life and to age like most everyone else… IT’S NOT FAIR!!! :'(

  33. มูลนิธิต้นบุญ วิสาขา sagt:


  34. Claire Anderson Graham sagt:

    What he proved to me was the importance of loving, safe, trusted, supportive loving people, family, if possible. Happiness is not a one-person show. It takes a healthy village.

  35. Lupe Vasquez sagt:

    giga niga

  36. vikram jadhav sagt:

    Mrs. Angelina Parker
    feeling bad for him

  37. he is dead

  38. Mrs. Angelina Parker sagt:

    Rohit Taneja awww yeh that made me a little sad too.he prob used to talk alot in general but infront of that many people made it harder.

  39. Vasya Pupkin sagt:

    Рома Матвеев Пошел нахуй

  40. he’s definitely real

  41. Рома Матвеев no russian

  42. Рома Матвеев sagt:


  43. He’s so cute

  44. The Best Completely sagt:

    Sndjdj Cafiedhh Let them believe.

  45. Sndjdj Cafiedhh sagt:

    god isn’t real lol

  46. Josh Atwood sagt:

    omg i saw the documentary it was really good! Also, i have experience with disabled persons. my brother has downsyndrom, and he is amazing. DS is a condition in which you are born with. with DS, you would have one more chromosome than everybody else would. For example, my brother has three 21st chromosomes when you and me only have two 21st chromosomes. if someone with DS, for example, an extra 18th chromosome, it could be fatal. Otherwise, you cannot die from it. It is a disability, but it does not stop me and my family from loving my brother.

  47. shahspice sagt:

    I thought my life was tough. But this guy is a real warrior. Big respect to you bro.

  48. Miles Von Liebermann sagt:

    Why would 6,440 people dislike this

  49. kirbyintron sagt:

    You’re a little late. He died about a month after this talk

  50. Angad Bhargav sagt:

    I wish he was Immortal

  51. Donald Trump sagt:

    R.I.P man. We miss you

  52. 6k people must have cried so much that their vision was blurred so they missed the like button and hit dislike

  53. Virender Kamboj sagt:

    I don’t know, who are you and where are you but i just know you are one of the great flower of my Lord Krishna. I have no sympathy about you but a lot of love and respect for you. You know its my first message on you tube in my 28 years lifespan just for you. Hands off for you dud. Great you are….. Great…..

  54. Madhumita Mohanty sagt:

    Boy, he is so talented. I mean look at his communication skills. Respect.

  55. he seems like the most intelligent 17 year old that’s ever lived.

  56. Rohit Taneja sagt:

    He was having a breathlessness due to continuous talk but he had not stopped talking…Hats off boy.Life is unfair to all Never Ever give up..keep fighting till the end atleast you will not die with regrets.

  57. Chocolate Marzmallow sagt:

    I don’t know why people disliked the video. That is really disrespectful. Please be respectful.

  58. Just saw in the comments that Sam has sadly passed. RIP, you amazing human being. Thank you for your honor and courage.

  59. What an awesome guy you are, Sam! Wise beyond your years! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your beautiful attitude!

  60. Rafael Eliassen sagt:

    I try not to waste time feeling bad for myself, because when I do, there’s no room for happiness.
    *–Sam Berns* This young man is a pure inspiration. Proves that we make our own happiness.

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