Muhammad Yunus’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@Yunus_Centre)

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He’s a Bangladeshi social entrepreneur, banker, economist and civil society leader.

He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for founding the Grameen Bank and pioneering the concepts of microcredit and microfinance.

He also serves on the board of directors of the United Nations Foundation.

He’s Muhammad Yunus and here are his Top 10 Rules for Success.


1. Start very small
He studied at Chittagong College, he became active in cultural activities and won awards for drama.

2. Challenge things
He enrolled in the Department of Economics at Dhaka University and completed his BA in 1960 and MA in 1961.

3. Don’t be money centered
During the Bangladesh Liberation War, he founded a citizen’s committee and ran the Bangladesh Information Center.

4. Don’t wait for a certificate
He’s a founding board member of Grameen America and Grameen Foundation, which support microcredit.

5. Behave like a job creator
In 1983, the pilot project began operation as a full-fledged bank for poor Bangladeshis and was renamed Grameen Bank.

6. Find your inspiration
He received the United States Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009 and the Congressional Gold Medal in 2010.

7. Reinvent your purpose
In 2008, he was rated number 2 in Foreign Policy magazine’s list of the ‚Top 100 Global Thinkers‘.

8. Don’t limit your imagination
He co-founded Yunus Social Business – Global Initiatives.

9. Have confidence
In 2012, he became Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland.

10. Create the better world
He published several books related to his finance work.


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  1. Nowshin Moumita sagt:

    He is our legend….pride of Bangladesh.

  2. baki billah sagt:

    He is only one guy that he learned how to give the loan without any collateral…..

  3. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for watching Someleziwe. 🙂 #Believe #BTA569 Shine

  4. Someleziwe Ngqasa sagt:

    Create the better world

  5. Rafiq Haque sagt:

    He is not our asset. He is asset of the world.

  6. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Cool to know that Dr Taariq. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 #BTA553 Shine

  7. Dr Taariq Islam Siddiqui sagt:

    You are welcome. He is pride of Bangladesh and I personally know him and know about his activities since my childhood. His other brothers like Scientist Muhammad Ibrahim and media personality Muhammad Jahangir are also popular.

  8. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thanks for watching Dr Taariq. Glad you liked it. 🙂 #Believe #BTA552 Shine

  9. Dr Taariq Islam Siddiqui sagt:


  10. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Great to know you found it inspiring Nevena. 🙂 Stay inspired…Always #Believe. #BTA541 Shine

  11. Nevena Rakovska sagt:

    Really inspiring! Especially the rule 10 about Social Fiction. This is great!

  12. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thanks for watching and for sharing your thoughts Kazi. 🙂 #BTA534 Shine

  13. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thank you very much for the appreciation and for watching Fariha. 🙂 #Believe #BTA534 Shine

  14. Kazi Mukitul sagt:

    Liked the idea of Social Fiction. amazing.

  15. Fariha Angel sagt:

    Thank you for your wonderful content 🙂

  16. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Glad you liked it Maria Fernanda. 🙂 Thanks for watching! #BTA513 Shine

  17. María Fernanda Reyes Arias sagt:

    Gran selección, gracias.

  18. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thanks for the comment and for watching Rakib. 🙂 #BelieveNation #BTA498 Shine

  19. Rakib Hasan sagt:

    Challenge things,Find your inspiration,Don’t limits your imagination

  20. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thanks for sharing with us and thank you for watching. #BTA473 Luka

  21. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thank you for sharing with us and thanks for watching. #BTA471 Luka

  22. tapash chatterjee sagt:


  23. ThUrT EilNo sagt:

    everything is possible if greed did not overshadow the world.

  24. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Glad you liked it Deepankar. 🙂 #BelieveNation #BTA462 Shine

  25. Deepankar Chakraborty sagt:

    This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  26. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Agree. Thanks for the comment and for watching ReJ! 🙂 Always #Believe in yourself and take action to achieve your goals. #BTA459 Shine

  27. You only got one life. Don’t be happy being a slave. Don’t waste it.

  28. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thank you for watching! 🙂 #BelieveNation #BTA453 Luka

  29. Kazi Mohammed Rahim sagt:

    What an Amazing wonderful speech of Professor Mohammed Yunus…Soooooooo beautiful !

  30. Jason and LaKisha Williams sagt:

    This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  31. Akshay Kumar sagt:

    imagination is the biggest powe

  32. 17036929 views sagt:

    Bangladeshi prouder…
    we are so miss

  33. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thank you for sharing Paul. 🙂 #BTA160 Shine

  34. English Language sagt:

    Are you Bangladeshi ?

  35. #SecretsSelfmadeBillionaires by Paul Chan sagt:

    He gave millions of poor people access to credit. Everyone is an entrepneurs. Thanks. #BTA256

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