Matthew McConaughey’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@McConaughey)

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He’s an Academy Award winning American actor.

He achieved much success for portraying a cowboy diagnosed with AIDS in the biographical film Dallas Buyers Club.

He also starred as Rust Cohle in the first season of HBO’s series True Detective, for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award.

He’s Matthew McConaughey and here are his Top 10 Rules for Success.


1. Enjoy the process
His ancestry includes Scottish, English, Irish, Swedish and German.

2. Go all the way
He attended the University of Texas at Austin College of Communication.

3. Have fun working
He began working in television commercials.

4. Do your due diligence
He first gained notice for his breakout role in the coming-of-age comedy Dazed and Confused (1993).

5. Create your own weather
During the early start of his career, he appeared in several movies, rated highly among his peers.

6. Leave your comfort zone
In the 2000s, McConaughey became best known for starring in romantic comedies.

7. Seize the opportunities
In 2013, he played Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club. The film gathered wide critical acclaim and earned him many acting awards.

8. Be the best that you can be
In April 2014, Time magazine included him in its annual Time 100 as one of the „Most Influential People in the World.“

9. Don’t flinch
Since 2011 he has preferred dramatic roles, in such films as Killer Joe, Magic Mike, The Wolf of Wall Street, Dallas Buyers Club, and Interstellar.

10. Be creative
He’s teaching classes at the University of Texas, the first session of which was about the filming of the 2016 film Free State of Jones.


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  1. Martha Pyle sagt:

    Alright, alright, alright!!! I love the fact that he was found in a bar, shooting pool with his buddies and it changed his life! Its like an UnderCover Boss episode. I just want to cry! I love him!!

  2. Wojtysław L sagt:

    ‚Create your own weather‘ – guys, it works. Because You’ll memorise these goals subconsciously and start to achieving them without even knowing. 🙂

  3. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thank you for sharing with us and thanks for watching, Alejandro! 🙂 #BelieveNation #BTA597 Luka

  4. Alejandro Serrano sagt:

    4. Do your due diligence.
    I need this so much in my life.

    Thanks again Evan!!!!!

  5. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thanks for watching and for the comment ahmed. 🙂 #Believe #BTA587 Shine

  6. ahmed mouslim sagt:

    Always thought that this guy made it to where he is today because he’s freaking handsome, truth be told he is, but he’s really great actor. The tips he provides in this video are helpful beyond imagination.
    „Don’t flinch“ damn right I won’t.
    „Enjoy the process“
    And “ get creative“ or die trying

  7. George L. Rosario sagt:


    #6. I’m in sales so of course I need to get out of my comfort zone.

    When I was in 6th grade, my English teacher told me that I had an incredible ability to tell stories about the things I see in the world. She would ask me to write stories, 2 or 3 paragraphs long about things around me, and then she would read these stories in front of the class. This inspired me and I’ve continued looking for the story behind everything I see and experience. So what do I do for a living? I help create wonderful stories while solving people’s problems and meeting their real estate needs. I develop and share stories about people, homes and neighborhoods and find others who want to hear those stories. I help people start a new chapter in the story of their lives. I don’t just tell stories about doors, windows, walls, floors, foundations, prices and deeds. I tell stories about experiences, dinners, holidays, community events, memories, details, people, family, goals, life, environment, past, present, future and more. I’m a story teller. Selling homes is a byproduct of this. I’m a Realtor.
    Every day is a good day when you do what you love and love what you do. ~ George L. Rosario

    George L. Rosario
    NYC’s Hometown Realtor
    Coldwell Banker Kueber

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  8. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thank you very much for the appreciation, love and support GroupElevation1. 🙂 #BelieveNation #BTA541 Shine

  9. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thank you very much for watching Monica. Glad to know you learned a lot from it. 🙂 #BelieveNation #BTA540 Shine

  10. GroupElevation1 sagt:

    great post thank you keep up the great work u are doing a great job …

  11. Monica Duluc sagt:

    I’ve watched this over and over so many nuggets of information. „Stay in Process“ is my favorite.

  12. Ron Sheckells sagt:

    How about Clint Eastwood’s top ten

  13. M.L. Stevens sagt:

    Like these! How about a few more women…Emma Stone, J. Lawrence, Sandra Bullock, Oprah, Lori Greiner…..thx

  14. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Glad you loved them lovelife02. 🙂 Thanks for the appreciation and for watching! Much love. #BelieveNation #BTA493 Shine

  15. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thanks for the comment and for watching Zola . 🙂 #BelieveNation #BTA493 Shine

  16. lovelife02 sagt:

    I love your content

  17. Zola Matingu sagt:

    #1, #5, #6, #7, #8, alright, alright, alright!

  18. Johan Junius sagt:

    I Evan, great job again! You have one of Christian Bale?

  19. Jeong-min Jang sagt:

    I press the subscription button when i come here. Because my english is not great.
    I can understand more.
    He is the person who has many thinking.
    Thank you now I’m going to watch other things !

  20. Jeong-min Jang sagt:

    Monoperty thank you

  21. Jean Fredeling sagt:

    How about 10 Rules of Success with Jimmy Fallon Please …He got a real good track record… .waiting for your book to come in.. My One word is “Consistency“ always

  22. Vivek Anand sagt:

    Brad Pitt Top 10 rules for success please.!

  23. Shante James sagt:

    Sofia Carson

  24. M. Porisky sagt:

    The character trait Matthew has, and you can see it in almost every rule here, is that he self reflects and consults his higher self perspective

  25. Emily Balcerak sagt:

    Pretty sure Number One would just be, „Ignore the people I’m supposed to govern for my own, egotistical benefit.“

  26. Hay Evan, have you ever thought of doing Vladimir Putin’s rules for success? that could be a very cool vid. Maybe with subtitles unfortunately, or voice over?

  27. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Agree with your interpretation Monoperty. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 It just goes to show that passion should be at the heart of what we do. Thanks for watching! #BelieveNation #BTA257 Shine

    Reply ·

  28. Monoperty sagt:

    „When I got selfish for enjoying the process and experience, the day to day architecture of creating a movie, that’s when I’m the happiest. And more results have come that way in an odd way“. To me, this translates to – Enjoy what you do, get deeply involved, and results will come 🙂 Great video!

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