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Let Me Love You – DJ Snake, Justin Bieber – Piano Cover Video by YourPianoCover

„Who Else Wants To Discover the Astonishingly Simple Secrets to Mastering The Piano… in Less Than 30 Days – Guaranteed!“


24 Kommentare

  1. KATE LOVE sagt:

    YourPianoCover g

  2. theres chilies on the piano cause the song is fire

  3. YourPianoCover I play piano

  4. Back The Blue - Hold The Line sagt:

    YourPianoCover I have 4 years in piano, I canbarely play this song. just barely a few measures. Difficulty: True

  5. Daniel wijaya sagt:

    why did you put the chilies on the piano? XD

  6. Δήμητρα Κ. sagt:

    Can you do Think of me from The Phantom of the Opera?

  7. RageCrazeGamer sagt:

    wow i love your channel every time i watch your videos it inspires me more and more everyday to pursue music. Muic is so beautiful and wonderful i dont know what i would do without it 🙁 . anyways i love u and ur vids keep it up ur awesome !

  8. spectrum by zedd, or alive by empire of the sun? have a nice day

  9. Akshay Rawat sagt:

    Really enjoyed your covers 😀 please do a cover of we don’t talk anymore by Charlie puth 🙂

  10. mocchakiss23 sagt:

    I’ve heard many piano versions in this site but I keep coming back here…you’re still the best 🙂

  11. Marco Gavazzeni sagt:

    Hi could you make canon d pachbell is my favorite song with piano

  12. Abigail palomo sagt:

    hi can you fo Find you there by We The Kings?

  13. Klex Iriowen sagt:

    , it’s been 6 years I left that path 🙁 now I’m going back to the rudiment

  14. YourPianoCover sagt:

    +delfycreative This saturday!!!! 😉

  15. Stefano Riva sagt:

    can you please do a cover of Treat you better by Shawn Mendes?

  16. George Patton sagt:

    Could you please do „Year of Summer“ by Wildstylez?

  17. Taylor Yareni Narvaez sagt:


  18. Jackson Le sagt:

    Do „we don’t talk anymore by Charlie puth“ plz

  19. Faith Lianada sagt:

    Can you please cover Why You Think I’m In Love With You by Ailee? Thank you 🙂

  20. Pls do say you wont let go by James Arthur

  21. ghfs vgsif sagt:

    please can u do a cover of „big girls cry“ or „summertime sadness“? really thank you if u will.

  22. Gustavo Silva sagt:


  23. Blanca Martín Mellado sagt:

    AMAZING!!! I love your covers.

  24. YourPianoCover sagt:

    New piano cover! Let Me Love You by DJ Snake and Justin Bieber is a pretty cool song not that difficult to play. Have fun 🙂

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