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„La La Land“ – The Piano Medley – Costantino Carrara

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  1. Clara Michel sagt:

    Awesome !!

  2. Azian2DaMax sagt:

    The music was amazing and all, but dude… your hair.

  3. Il video fantastico e professionale, tu BRAVISSIMO!

  4. Benjamin De Winter sagt:

    Beautifull!!! Be proud of yourself of what you’ve accomplished man, we love your work!!!

  5. Jonn Ballehr sagt:

    so was it a sweet or regular potato that you recorded with?

  6. Nils Dülpers sagt:

    Love it.. really! .. ❤

  7. Katelyn Currie sagt:

    This is amazing. It sounds beautiful! Good on you.

  8. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    A 20% DISCOUNT CODE is available for all the instagram followers to get the sheet music at a low price! Just make sure to follow me on @costantinocarrara and then send me a DM (direct message on ig) to get the code! > http://instagr.am/costantinocarrara

  9. Ray Pherz sagt:

    Wonderful piano cover Constantino, you really made another beautiful creation and performance. It touch the soul, Kind regards, Ray

  10. Ana Joseph Dun sagt:


  11. SpaaaaceMaan sagt:

    @MsBond Ironically the film is about dreamers too 🙂

  12. yasmen kenaan sagt:

    playing it all the time, love it

  13. Pham Khanh Vi sagt:


  14. Sami Ghidini sagt:

    Detix Sam looks like someone just got destroyed, mate

  15. Aijamal Jumakadyrova sagt:

    Costantino Carrara Musi

  16. Costantino Carrara Music
    can u be my teacher

  17. vinni anna sagt:

    I thought I was the only person doing that 😀

  18. RmoneyHype sagt:


  19. Badass Strike Eagle sagt:

    lol,I just watch a dark version imperial march before seeing this comment

  20. Tricky fox7 sagt:

    you should do imperial march

  21. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    yeeeeah! 😀 did you like it?

  22. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    I have to pay rights to the original composers, I can’t give you scores for free

  23. Detix Sam sagt:

    Which you then charge for..

  24. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    WTF!!! ahahah I make sheets because people request them! 🙂

  25. Detix Sam sagt:

    This is a blatant advertisement for people to buy your piano sheets

  26. hautboisjc sagt:

    Hi, just wondering did you learn jazz piano in order to arrange music better?

  27. squareadmire sagt:

    very nice

  28. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    squareadmire available now!

  29. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    The Baron: Fat Cat the score is now available! Check the description 🙂

  30. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    THE SHEET MUSIC IS NOW AVAILABLE! Grab your copy on Musicnotes here: http://bit.ly/2nmDxNG

  31. squareadmire sagt:

    me too pls 😀

  32. The Baron: Fat Cat sagt:

    aw yiissss please let me know when it’s on your $ite

  33. The Baron: Fat Cat sagt:

    Where do you get this arrangement? Not the two finger chopsticks versions everywhere else I look

  34. Revi M Fadli sagt:

    To me, only an equally realistic(in terms of romance) version of Crazy Sweet Love can beat it

  35. Vangelis Papadopoulos sagt:

    Macaroni maybe because you are a fan of happy endings.. but this movie is much closer to reality…

  36. that’s the beauty of it all…day dreaming makes anything possible.

  37. Jonah Munoz sagt:

    Macaroni I’m wondering as well?

  38. Macaroni This was indeed magnificent 🙂 Can I ask you what you didn’t like about the film?

  39. LifeWithAY sagt:

    yep I saw that from Insta too! Looking forward to more of this

  40. Life With AY he posted about it on Instagram right?

  41. LifeWithAY sagt:

    Costa joined a music academy a few months ago that’s why! Looks like it is paying off. Keep it up man!

  42. Wasn’t a big fan of the movie, but the soundtrack was great, and you exemplify that….. this was magnificent!!!

  43. I always imagine myself playing this while listening, you’re so so good!

  44. Tommy Noble sagt:

    I agree. Evolution here is deff obvious

  45. why does it look like you’ve evolved?

  46. take my money!

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