I’m 17 | Kate Simonds | TEDxBoise

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences.
Kate Simonds, senior at Timberline High School, is 17. Take a deep breath and a quick inventory of what feelings come to mind when you consider a 17 year old. Now watch this talk and prepare to have your thoughts flipped inside out.

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  1. This girl is really amazing!!

  2. Paul Wilson sagt:

    If you have wisdom to share, share it. It may be time to stop worshipping youth and beauty as a culture and ask young people to hear what a few decades of living and reading and thinking is worth.

  3. Amin The researcher sagt:

    Adults think that they know everything but when it comes to many things they are complete idiots
    Eg. Technology, modern subjects, feelings of a child.
    I request teens, kids, and children to stand up for our rights,

  4. Rose Lalonde sagt:

    I’m 14, and I love astrophysics, astrobiology, and quantum theory. When teachers and relatives ask what I want to be when I grow up, I tell them that I want to help find a unified theory that explains how general relativity and quantum theory work together, because right now they contradict each other, and it it clear that both are correct but incomplete. Their reactions imply that my passion for the topic is „cute“ or amusing. But I really do love these topics! I spend a lot of time learning about them. Even my parents laugh when I tell them I need to go to a college library to access an article on „organically bound iodine as a bottom-water redox proxy“ or „oxygenation history of the proterozoic to early neoproterozoic and the rise of land plants.“ These articles can only be accessed online by scientists and researchers with jobs, so I have to go find physical copies. When librarians and my parents see the articles, they tell me I won’t be able to read them.

  5. 5Seconds of Panic! sagt:


  6. she is smart kid !LOL
    she is gonna hate me even more 😀

  7. This probably would’ve been even more dismissed if it was „I’m 16“. Being that she’d be 2 years from adulthood

  8. JamieBoelkens sagt:

    Empathy. Today I was taught what empathy means. At a young age I still have experienced it. It’s basically putting your self in someone else’s shoes, now I have never got told any of this, but i still know what it would feel like and that’s empathy. My feelings might have been false but that doesn’t matter. It matters that i thought and everyone has been wrong once, this is what I say make mistakes making mistakes is what helps you learn. Hopefully some one understands me.

  9. shuja ur rahman sagt:

    very nice mam

  10. Skye Jocelyn sagt:


  11. Rashad Evans sagt:

    even though im not smart and cool like the other people does, i always do listen and get their motivation from what I’ve witnessed in my life. ever since i was watching Ted talks, they made me motivated from what i do every day. now im 18, i take more responsibilities towards my career and my life in being issued from what ive witnessed on my country. now i lived in indonesia for the past 18 yrs, here’s what all people are discussing about; politics, rapists, judging to a different religions, judging of a different race. they all dominate to form a stereotype from people with different perspectives. lives are mattered, and from what we need is indeed a world of peace…. if i only be audacious to be like her… i hope i can encourage people and be motivated

  12. hakim sikder sagt:

    I’m 11.

  13. Jasmine 666 sagt:

    Im crying. This is exactly how I feel

  14. Camila Nieto sagt:

    I’m 17 and I like 1D and I like boys and food and the internet and learning about politics. I loveeee my family and I’m important and idc what people say

  15. Laura Garcia sagt:

    I love that my country on the contrary, seaks the mind of the young age and incourage them to always seak more, i see myself in class fighting with classmates beacuse we all want a chance in participation. i am 17 and in college listening to my friends talking about there goals and plans they have to achieve them. I here conferencists giving us the courage to make all that we wish for come true and encorage uss to do the same in younger generations.
    Neitherless i love your confidence on stage, my respects but i have come upon several people that look down to me from my age but i have learned that the best come back is just proving them wrong with my actions.
    I make my voice be heard and my opinions be in consideracion. And i admire those who do the same and do it with an honest heart.
    Your talk is so wonderfull because you concentrate on making a diference by a simple idea you had, you made a vision and are on your way of achieving a goal, hope morw people are able to listen and actually consider all those words of wisdom you shared since it might be a beneffit to them as well

  16. lil marram sagt:

    I’m 11 and I’m working on getting a patent. I couldn’t have done it without all the support but i also couldnt have done without all of the people that did not believe in me.

  17. Aria Norid sagt:

    Skye Jocelyn I think you’re missing the point…unless you’re joking. If so, then pardon me. Carry on.

  18. Yana Chan sagt:

    don’t underestimate kids/teenagers/babies

  19. Vidushi Sanjanwala sagt:

    I’m 12, and I write poems and stories, some of them are deep and about bigger issues but they say it’s not my age to write about serious emotions, serious problems, deep fears and I should stick to unicorns and dragon-riding princesses.

  20. Luna Lupin sagt:

    This talk is so true. All of it

  21. Skye Jocelyn sagt:

    Will do. When a five-year-old walks up to me and says „People should be more like sponge bob.“ I will take it into deep thought and consideration.

  22. Joe Marks sagt:

    The baby boomers need to surrender power and authority immediately for allowing a chump like Trump to become the celebrity president. Gen X is really looking like an unknown variable because the generation behind always gets the short end of the stick. Congress should be so fired. That minor has a better head on her shoulders than anyone up on the hill.

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