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R. P. Joe Smith served as a District Attorney in Umatilla County and nearly won a race for Oregon Attorney General without taking a single contribution over $99.99. He is a former chair of the Oregon Democratic Party and is active with several local nonprofits.

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31 Kommentare

  1. David Dickerson sagt:

    „Use one paper towel a day“
    *uses seven papers towels to repeatedly dry his hands*

  2. Xandie Bear sagt:

    Man used like 8 sheets to convince us to use 1…

  3. Natalie Walter sagt:

    I wonder if a life long of shaking your hands like that damages your joints

  4. Napstablook ! sagt:

    Wait, so if I used the automatic ones and I need to rip it off once it comes, won’t I get less then a centimeter of paper towel, how do I dry my hands with a centimeter long piece of paper towel?

  5. Adama Zia sagt:

    „He is a former chair of the Oregon Democratic Party and is active with several local nonprofits.“ Al Gore learned this before pitching Global Warming.

  6. a lot of people making fun of this, but I have to say this talk has made me change my life more than any other ie I actually do this

  7. TheK0tonat0r sagt:

    I wipe on back of my pants…

  8. Bianca Miller sagt:

    So this will change public opinion on paper towel use?

  9. Drake Koefoed sagt:

    I just want the trashcan next to the door so I can open the door with the towel and not touch a surface touched by people who don’t wash their hands.

  10. Jonas Hansen sagt:

    No. That is not considered clean. If you work at a hospital for example, that would be horrible to do. Prober way to wash hands: Wet them, apply soap very carefully get it everywhere, now wash hands in water. Don’t close water yet, take paper and dry them, close the water tap with the paper, to avoid touching it. Now your hands are clean. If you touch your shirt, jeans or even the water tap which got dirty when you touched it with your unwashed hands, you have achieved nothing by washing hands.

  11. David Pimentel sagt:

    How often does he do these ludicrous demonstrations? If it’s more than
    once, then he will infringe on my quota, which suggests he’s a bloody
    socialist who projects his morality exclusively on others.

  12. David Pimentel sagt:

    An old man just used his weekly, self-imposed, paper towel quota in the span of 4.5 minutes. I must be bored.

  13. Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. sagt:

    I thought he told us to shake our butts.

  14. i have carpal tunnel syndrome sagt:

    salty mf

  15. Si Random sagt:

    +Lenny 256 Not like that’s an insult anyway.

  16. Lenny 256 sagt:

    Si Random shut up nerd

  17. Herb Sewell sagt:

    +BennyDACHO Then you should probably live in an underground facility with only filtered air and daily sweeps of your total living conditions in which everything is sterilized above industrial standards., all while never leaving the facility. All food would be created within the facility and also sterilized and grown to completely minimize the growth of any bacteria. This would probably be the best way to minimize bacteria contraction.

    But that might not be the most eco-friendly method, which would be not wiping your hands off at all.

  18. Herb Sewell sagt:

    +BennyDACHO I bet there’s a lot of bacteria on paper towels as well. Thus, the most hygienic and eco-friendly solution is not to dry your hands at all.

  19. i laughed more than i thought i would

  20. I'd hit it sagt:

    Justin Harber several thousand

  21. River Jeffcoat sagt:

    this is the best, worst tedx I have seen

  22. Justin Harber sagt:

    …… did people pay money to watch this?!!!

  23. Dangerousfox sagt:

    „Dry“ *Holds up super wrinkly hands*

  24. Si Random sagt:

    NOPE! You sound like Aristotle. He was a 300 B.C. Greek PHILOSOPHER And he was wrong. It will eventually be into an atom. And then whatever makes an atom. BUT IT ISN’T INFINITE AND CAN RETAIN THE TITLE OF „PAPER TOWEL.“

  25. MeatyLeaf sagt:

    +Azurath100 but even though it gets infinitely smaller, you can still get infinity paper towel slices. So possibly it could be possible

  26. MeatyLeaf sagt:

    cut it in half over and over again. then you have infinity paper towels

  27. Krazy as a kitten Kaylee sagt:

    Zane enaZ lol

  28. Tianna Paige sagt:

    Zane enaZ wow at first I didn’t know what I was watching but found out it was a man washing his hands
    What am I doing with my life

  29. depressean sagt:

    Your profile picture is awesome it’s gamzee from homestuck

  30. Herb Sewell sagt:

    You could avoid using any paper towels by just wiping your hands on your shirt.

  31. Zane enaZ sagt:

    Just watched an old man wash his hand for 4 minutes.

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