How To Multiply Your Time | Rory Vaden | TEDxDouglasville

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Everything you know about time-management is wrong. In this challenging and counter-intuitive video, Self-Discipline Strategist and New York Times bestselling author of Rory Vaden, shows you why you can't solve today's time-management challenges with yesterday's time-management strategies. More importantly he explains why procrastinating on purpose is the key to being able to Multiply your time.

Self-Discipline Strategist Rory Vaden’s book Take the Stairs is a #1 Wall St Journal and #2 New York Times bestseller. Rory is also Co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting™, an 8-figure global consulting practice. His new book Procrastinate On Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time came out in January of 2015 and was an instant National Bestseller. Free insights at .

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. ObeseGuineaPigs sagt:


  2. funkynata sagt:

    Awesome. Thanks.

  3. Saptara Gupta sagt:

    He is cute, awesome, smart…

  4. Fantastic !

  5. samuel neitham sagt:

    damn rhe best ted talks i have heard…time management.

  6. But anyways, this Video was Great!!

  7. man, half way in this video, with no fault of this video at all, more so in my own life,
    i was having malicious psycholic murder plots against arrogent male gym-goers.

  8. iclal eroglu sagt:

    Great story teller

  9. kyle flemmers sagt:

    ive literally learned nothing from this guy jus talking in circles theres 18 mins i could have used to masturbate

  10. Chidurala Ramesh sagt:

    fantastic approach to multiply our time…great….

  11. Adi Chiru sagt:

    If the bible part would have been left aside, everything else would have had more value…

  12. maryam katraoui sagt:

    multipliers are basically project managers

  13. Jennifer Hall sagt:

    Starts at 6:15, you can thank me later.

  14. Khaled al sagt:

    the girl laughing out loud in the back she is annoying like if you agree

  15. Amantin Mehilli - Panos sagt:

    I would like more examples than just the theory of it!

  16. What is the end of a story with little girl ?

  17. Andrew Miller sagt:

    You beautiful person. I love you

  18. Bluewren Reilly sagt:

    I heard about his many successes and was interested to listen to him.He is a great presenter very attractive (I do think people with a dimple have actually been kissed by an Angel.)*smile*.I Liked him and his presentation very much.

  19. Soham Banerjee sagt:

    If anybody understood what he meant… please explain me, all i learnt was I need to start studying for my tomorrow’s test.

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