How to make healthy eating unbelievably easy | Luke Durward | TEDxYorkU

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After breaking his leg, undergraduate student Luke Durward used his time to return home and mentor his little brother on healthy eating. While illustrating his brother's dramatic transformation, Durward shares the obvious secret that is repeatedly overlooked by unsuccessful dieters.

TEDxYorkU held its 4th annual event on March 4, 2014 at York University. The theme for the event was Combustion. Follow us on Twitter @tedxyorku

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20 Kommentare

  1. Why is do all of the healthy eating people have such a dry mouth from dehydration? its annoying to listen to.

  2. Mary Renaud sagt:

    This presentation offers zero information on what constitutes a healthy diet. It merely states that ne should remove the bad foods from your environment and without temptation you can easily stick with only the healthy options. While this advice is correct, it is obvious and not particularly enlightening.

  3. heinz doofenshmirtz sagt:

    how do you eat healthily when you go to someone else’s house and they only have unhealthy food

  4. Newbie Thrifter sagt:

    One thing to add to this, and by no means am I an expert, but is to listen to what your body tells you it needs. If you’re craving a potato chip try a fried potato with some light seasoning, maybe even a lit healthy olive oil. Small changes are hard to adopt and yet the only true way of making major progress.

  5. Albert Lebel sagt:

    This dude just told a story, No useful information. He must work for Fox news, the heading is false.

  6. Deborah Lezcano sagt:

    Excellent video. I had not thought about it in that perspective. Thank you!

  7. Brooklyn Jade sagt:

    Couldn’t imagine him eating, he smacks a lot

  8. Amariah Dawes sagt:

    No dip, I would lose weight easily too if I had a personal live in chef cooking my healthy meals.

  9. It’s not. He said to just change your environment and resist temptation.

  10. I’ll watch the whole thing and tell you if it’s worth it.

  11. Lesley Roberts sagt:

    Great job. Very informative.

  12. Octobermory sagt:

    His younger brother is lucky to have this advice.

  13. Lee Bannister sagt:

    Save yourself time, he just said don’t keep bad foods in your house so they aren’t a temptation. You’re welcome. I cut and copy it saved even more time! Great message tho…

  14. Sensei Alé sagt:

    Respect….Clearly he is not comfortable with public speaking yet he did it anyway. Awesome.

  15. mary mattering sagt:

    did heaps better than i ever could, i thought he was really good.

  16. CalLadyQED sagt:

    You can’t remove the options when they are in every restaurant and grocery store. Also, eating too much is still eating too much even if it’s healthy food. I didn’t find this talk helpful.

  17. Ricardo Figuera sagt:


  18. Chubby Livvu sagt:

    Nice bulge

  19. Chopperman sagt:

    Watching this while eating cake. Yeeep.

  20. Lucia Vezo sagt:

    Make you environment work for you…nice!

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