How to learn any language in six months | Chris Lonsdale | TEDxLingnanUniversity

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Chris Lonsdale is Managing Director of Chris Lonsdale & Associates, a company established to catalyse breakthrough performance for individuals and senior teams. In addition, he has also developed a unique and integrated approach to learning that gives people the means to acquire language or complex technical knowledge in short periods of time.

Jan-21-2014 Update. The video transcripts are now available via the following links:

English Only:

English + Chinese Translation:

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45 Kommentare

  1. Brandon Bayer sagt:

    One side of the chin strap is squared off, the other side is rounded. 0 Credibility.

  2. xMidnight x sagt:

    lol, yes. my mom is albanian and my dad is finnish but i only know italian because of school (they give us either Spanish or Italian and i got Italian lol) and now I’m learning japanese

  3. Carson Autumn sagt:

    +xMidnight x easy, Albanian. Because Albanians already know Italian basically and they are quite good at English. Coming from an Italian xD

  4. In'ei Greyblade sagt:

    caesar bala And other languages.

  5. Danieal Lechuga sagt:

    boxer boxer Albanian is your mother tongue

  6. Marvin Maldonado sagt:

    The good thing is I speak Spanish and English .,..

  7. gay and edgy sagt:

    A Lone Spirit of I recommend you start learning hiragana and katakana first. good apps to use are mirai Japanese, duolingo, eggbun japanese, human Japanese and genki 1 is an amazing textbook to use it has the most common used words in the Japanese language but it is kinda expensive it’s 40 bucks

  8. A Lone Spirit sagt:

    I have a dream, a dream to go Japan and make a living there, learning about their culture, traveling, meet up with good people, feel joy and peace as more as i can. Not only have inspired by Naruto or Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood etc, also their hardworks, efforts and every creativities they put on their works, it’s incredibly great and inspiring. It’s one of my „soul“ purpose now, that’s why i want to learn this language so badly, can’t find any good and legit lessons in online or books or any good app, Please if anyone can help me out with this then it will be a great help, Thank You.

  9. DuduBonesBr :l Filipinos also spell correctly. Example: LANGUAGE and PhiLiPPines.

  10. Milky Way sagt:


  11. Milky Way sagt:

    I actually learned german like a kid only with tv-without subtitles and I rly dont know how :s explain

  12. Justiine_ sagt:

    I can teach you English, if you teach me Korean

  13. Justiine_ sagt:

    I’m learning korean too 🙂

  14. 我可以写工作文件. 但是我发现很多人他们喜欢用缩略词来说话, 所以要多一点时间来适应一下…
    (I can write documents, but I noticed a lot of folks like to use acronyms to speak, so I need more time to adapt…)

  15. xMidnight x sagt:

    lol u r such a liar

  16. xMidnight x sagt:

    WOW north korea!? i’d be nervous too. and hi i saw you on a different video’s comment section i think it was a koreaboo video or smth lol

  17. xMidnight x sagt:

    i know 3 too! english, albanian, and italian. guess which one is my native?

  18. xMidnight x sagt:

    so… like how’d it go… lol

  19. Chill out, man…

  20. jungkookie :3 sagt:

    he sounds like james corden so I enjoyed this so much

  21. jackspedicy 2 sagt:

    I only speak Englisch pretty good and I can speak french fine .
    Germany is my tongue language .

  22. pantherenebuleuse sagt:

    Thank you for the tip James

  23. pantherenebuleuse sagt:

    james rodrigez It’s a good idea. I’ll try Portuguese next year once Swahili is well cemented.

  24. David Maxfield sagt:

    Six months?! Sorry, I don’t have that kind of time.

  25. james rodrigez sagt:

    Spanish and Portuguese should be easy for u to learn then……

  26. kimiokisse mawwel sagt:

    I speak french, english, spanish, italian, russian, and i’m learning korean right now. I am 16 years old and exams are coming so i think this video will be really usefull.

  27. Unironic Irony sagt:

    Ancient Heart I agree, these types of helpful people are quite rare.

  28. pantherenebuleuse sagt:

    Leo Gabi hi Leo, surprisingly and honestly Im actually pretty bad at translating. I completely isolate each language I speak from one another. I respect translators, it’s a great skill to have. I know great translators who don’t even speak the languages they translate. I’m in Japan where I run the business for a large US corporation. You?

  29. Pascal Rosier do you work as a translator? just curios

  30. 김재만 sagt:

    I can be your Korean teacher, if you teach me English.
    Please leave a comment

  31. DuduBonesBr :l sagt:

    Wait a minute…

  32. Learned a language in six months never done before

  33. Jonathan Andrew sagt:

    you’ll be fluent after watching this video.

  34. Jonathan Andrew sagt:

    yeah? north korea?! LOL

  35. 我何以说一点点, 买卖东西和搭车. 工作上的语言还要多一点时间.
    (I can speak a little bit, like buying stuff and grabbng a taxi. But professionally it still requires some work.)

  36. Saberxbro sagt:

    dlysele update?

  37. 김남준 방탄소년단 A.R.M.Y sagt:

    Moving to Korea in 2 weeks really nervous. Thanks for the video.

  38. I can speak 23 languages, so many that I won’t name them all now. I was always bad at school. Then I decided that if I want to speak 20 languages like a native, I can do it. ANYONE can do it. You just need willpower, determination, dedication and motivation. I enjoy the life of languages so much, I feel amazing. You only live once, follow your dreams. Peace out!

  39. Anime Queen sagt:

    Only here to learn japanese

  40. Ancient Heart sagt:

    I love seeing how so many people have a desire to learn another language, how many already know multiple languages and those who are willing to help each other. This is what you call a beautiful comment thread that actually feels good to read.

  41. Miko Chan sagt:

    I’m fluent in 3 Languages
    Which is English, Japanese, Filipino

  42. boxer boxer sagt:

    I know 3 languages… I want to learn more

  43. Pascal Rosier sagt:

    With 7 languages, I consider myself a polyglot. Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Italian, English and Creole. I can say that what this guy is saying is just great.

  44. caesar bala sagt:

    How many people are here want to learn Japanese in mind and watching this video ?

  45. I am living in China for about 3 months and I could order food and have simple conversations. I am waiting to see how my Mandarin would become in another 3 months.

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